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Manager 101 Course

Thr!ve has many awesome features; and we've got videos and articles to help you through the entire management processes.

Although we strongly suggest that for a well rounded and perfectly trained manager you go through every article when you get a chance, we have put together this roadmap of articles and videos that we feel are most critical for a basic training.

1. Employee Management:

Learn how to manage employee's schedules, requirements, and pay.


Manage Employees:
Here is where your employee database resides. Create and manage your employees, update their logins, pay, requirements, time off request, and more. All articles can be found here.

Learn how to communicate quickly with the right employees at the right time.

2. Cash Management:

Cash Management allows you to assign cash, reconcile drawers, and create deposits.

All articles concerning these features are found in Manager > Cash and can be read here

3. Managing Servers:

Table Service Frontend: All articles concerning table service and server banking can be found here.

4. Managing Drivers:

Driver Frontend: All articles concerning frontend driver management can be found here.

5. Reports:

Reports are the best way to quickly track the progress and workflow of your store.  Review the knowledge base for specific data on key reports.  Here's a few we recommend you get started with:  

6. Manager Home Screen:

The manager home screen allows you to see and access information at a glance. All articles concerning the manager home screen can be found here.

7. Customer Management:

Manager > Customers is where your customer database resides. Here you can manage a customer's information, merge duplicate records, manage house accounts and more.The customer database on the front end is the same database, however there are limited edits that can be done on that end. All articles concerning customers can be found here.

 Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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