Tax Summary Report

The Tax Summary report will display at a glace the break down of sales tax that's been collected during the day.

To run the tax summary report navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Sales > Tax Summary.

Select the start and end dates you want to review and click Generate.

The report will generate the following results.

The first block shows the amount of total taxable sales that have been made on this date. If there are any non taxable items sold they will be listed in this block as well.   Non taxable sales are broken down into 4 types.    Orders and Items that were marked as non-taxable at the time of the sale,  and Items that are marked as non taxable in the item tax set up.   Non-taxable delivery fees are also listed here.

The second block shows the break down of each tax type that is active in the system and how much was sold.
  • Taxable Sales: Shows how much was sold in the system that was taxable for that particular tax type Example Sales Tax vs Retail Tax.    NOTE:  If an item is taxed under 2 different tax types (for example a sales tax plus a city tax) the sales amount will be listed under both categories.  This can cause the total taxable sales to be higher in this portion of the report than above. 
  • Tax Collected: Out of the taxable sales this is how much was collected in taxes.
  • Tax Uncollected: Displays how much tax was not collected. When tickets are open (unpaid) the tax amount will appear in this line.  Once all tickets are closed, this line should be $0.00, 
  • Tax Total: Displays the total amount of tax per each tax type.

Non-Tax Sale Details:
The final section shows any sales that were completed where tax was excluded.
  • Date: The date the order was placed.
  • Ticket: The ticket # of the order.
  • Type: The type of item that was sold (In this case an order).
  • Amount: The amount of the total order placed.
  • Reason: The reason for the non-taxable sale.
  • Employee: the employee that made the no-taxable sale.
  • Customer Name: If there is a customer that is attached to the sale.

You can print or export this report to excel.

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