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At the end of the day, performing a Bank Deposit will clear out your system totals and record what you will deposited in your bank account for that day.

To perform a deposit, navigate to Manager Home > Cash > Deposits.

There are 2 types of deposits you can perform.
  • Mid-Day: Allows you to perform a deposit during the middle of the day, without having to shut down the entire store. This is ideal for manager shift changes. The morning manager can perform a mid-day deposit and the evening manager can perform a end of day deposit.
  • End of Day: This is ideal when all shifts have been closed and settled, all drawers have been closed and reconciled and the store is closed for the day.
The date and time of the deposit will default to the time and date that you go to the deposit screen, however you can change this if needed.   If you are doing the deposit in the morning for the prior day's sales, be sure to change the date to yesterday!

Edit Prior: This function allows you to edit a previously made deposit. For example: If you completed a deposit however you made a mistake. You can edit that deposit, however it is not recommended to edit a deposit if you have already taken it to the bank.

The left side of the screen displays what the system thinks you should have in your deposit based on the totals in the main safe.

Tip: This total can be more than today's sales if you have not done a deposit in a while.  It may be less than today's sales if you have not yet closed all tickets, closed and reconciled drawers, closed driver and server shifts, and transferred all money to the main safe.  You should complete the End of Day checklist in order before completing a bank deposit.

The right side of the screen is where you will enter in the actual amount of each tender type you have.
Note: If you are using integrated credit card processing, the actual credit card amounts will default from your credit card batch, according to the setting in Configuration / Tax Tender Cash / Cash Management  "Use Current Credit Card Batch Data in Deposit"

The actual credit card totals from the batch should match the expected if all End of Day closing steps have been completed.  However, if you sent a credit card batch mid day or prior to completing the bank deposit, the actual credit cards may not reflect the total expected.  In this case you can complete a mid day deposit to reflect the mid day batch deposit, or you can adjust the actual totals to be accurate. 

To help you with your cash, you can use the cash count tool. It allows you to enter in the amount of each currency type you have and will tally the amount and enter it into the cash portion of the deposit.

Once you have entered in each of the tender types you have, the system will show if you are over or short on your deposit. To determine why you are over/short, confirm that all registers and shifts have been closed.  The Registers report is useful for tracking the flow of money in your system. 

If you are over/short, you will be asked to select a reason as to why this is. You can setup your default reasons in Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Cash Management.

Once you click Save & Close the deposit will complete and a report that you can print will display.

Tip:  You can set up an End of Day deposit email alert to alert you when a deposit is made!  Here's how. 

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