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Adding An Employee

To add a new employee to the system navigate to Manager > Employee > Click Add (Under the Manage Employee section)

First start by entering in the employee's general information. You can enter in just the required fields and edit it later or you can enter everything at once.

When you have entered the general information click Save and Next to proceed to the next portion of the employee profile. You will be taken to the Job & Payroll screen.

Enter the employee's wages and then select their authorized job types. This field is required and sets what type of job the employee is classified as. Click Save and Next to proceed to System & Security.

Here you will enter the employee's pass-code or finger print scan by clicking "Set" or "Register Finger". This will allow the employee to clock into the system. You will also select the employee's security level. Once you have saved this page the employee's profile will be complete and ready for use.
If you have only entered in the required fields, be sure to return at a later date and fill in the rest so that you will have a well rounded profile.

To read more on managing employees or completing the full profile click here.

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