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Close Server Shift

To close a server's shift navigate to the Orders Screen.
Tp: All tickets associated with the server you're trying to close must be settled before you can close. Click here to read how to settle tickets.

At the bottom of the screen; click on "Server Status."

Click on "Close Shift."

If the server has unsettled tickets you will get a notification stating not all of the tickets are settled. You can close the window and go through the unsettled tickets and settle them, or you can do a quick settle by clicking on "Close to Cash". This will tender out all of the unsettled tickets to cash.

Once all of the tickets have been settled, a report will appear with the total orders, tips, assigned cash, drops made, any coupons that may have been collected, how much should be expected in cash and in other tenders such as credit cards, and how much in tips the server should keep.

Once the cash and credit cards have been counted; click "Close Shift."
A notice will appear letting you know if there are any tickets without tips, giving you the option to go back and adjust them if needed. Click "Close Shift" if you are satisfied. Click here to learn how to adjust and add tips.

Select where you would like to transfer the cash to. In most cases you would transfer it to the main safe at the end of the day. Once you have selected the location click on "Close Shift".

Once the shift is closed, you will get an overall report of the server's stats for the day.

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