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Job & Payroll

To setup an employee's job type and payroll navigate to Manager > Employees > Locate the employee you wish to edit and click on their name.

When the profile has loaded click on Job & Payroll.

  • Salaried: Check this box if you wish the employee to be salaried instead of hourly.
  • Wage: Enter the amount the employee shall be paid.
  • Next Evaluation Date: Set the date you wish to give the employee an evaluation.
  • Exempt From Payroll: If the employee is exempt from payroll click this box.   Their hours will not be tracked.
  • Authorized Jobs: An employee can have more than one job type. For example one day they can be a server and the next a driver. Select all boxes that apply to this employee.    An employee must have at least 1 job checked to use the system.
  • Road Wage: If an employee will be delivering at some point during their shift; you can pay them a different (lower) wage while they're on the road.
  • Override Wages: If the employee has several different job types you can have them paid a different wage for different job types. For example if they are clocked in as a server one day they will be paid $2.50 and a driver the next they will be paid $8.00.   You only have to enter an override wage for those jobs that do not use the default wage above. 
  • Job Requirements: You can enter expiration dates for specific job types. For example if a employee is a driver you can enter their license and insurance expiration date.
Tip: Job Requirement and Authorized Job types can be added to the system in Configuration > Employees

Make sure you save your changes. If you click on Save and Next you will be taken to the next page for managing an employee.

To read more on managing employees or completing the full profile click here.

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