Version 7.4.x

Release 7.4.x

Major Enhancements:

  • 871/872 Smart Coupons: We've enhanced the Smart Coupon feature to allow you to select which coupons are eligible to appear on the Smart Coupons screen. When creating an offer, whether it be a discount, comp, coupon, or promo, it will default to be a "Smart Coupon". A Smart Coupon is a feature in the "Options" screen that will show you available offers based off of what has been placed in the virtual ticket. If the order meets specific criteria that was specified on an offer in the Config > Special Offers screen, it will show as an available offer for that order.   Uncheck the box if you don't want this coupon to appear in the Smart Coupons area.  Click here to read the article.

  • 839 Default Screen View: You can now set your stations to default to a specific screen other than the home screen. For example: If you have a station specifically designated for delivery orders, you can default the station to go to the delivery screen, immediately when someone logs on. Click hereto read the article on how to configure this feature.
  • 1301/1302 Table Service Overview: We have added a graphical table layout feature.  This is a premium feature that requires licensing. Click here to read the article that provides an overview of the process and watch the video below.

  • 1301/1302 Table Service Design: We have added the ability to design a room layout to mirror your actual business. This allows you to easily streamline your table service process. Click here to read the article and watch the video below.
  • You can also add/edit walls, items, and tables with this new design feature. Click here to read the how to article.
  • 672 Unlimited Custom Tender Types: You now have the ability to create and manage custom tender types. Although the system allowed for 2 additional tender types in the past, for some companies that is simply not enough in a world of ever growing custom tender types. Click here to read how to configure your tender types.
  • 956/1307 EMV Device Integration: We now support the Mercury Pay EMV Dejavoo device. EMV has become a world wide standard for credit card processing. To learn more about how to use these devices with Thr!ve you can read or watch our videos.
    How To Pair Your Dejavoo Device
    How To Update Your Dejavoo Device
    Note: This is for Mercury / Vantiv credit card processing only.  

Other General Enhancements:

  • 1339: The customer line on the virtual ticket now displays the customer's address as well as their name.
  • 1303 Messages: Added the ability to remove messages from an open ticket. Click here to read the article.
  • 1404 Online Backups: Perform automated system backups right from the Manager Home screen.
  • 1233: Inactive and deleted requirements and inclusions will be hidden from the setup list.


New articles and videos have been released in the Thr!ve knowledge base.
  • Add A Alternate User: Manager - Customer
  • Add A Credit Transaction: Manager > Cash
  • Add A Mailing Address: Manager - Customer
  • Add An Alternate Address: Manager - Customer
  • Add An Alternate Phone Number: Manager - Customer
  • Add Notes To A Customer Profile: Manager - Customer
  • Adding Messages To An Item Or Order: Menu/Ordering
  • Adjust A Customer's Loyalty Points: Manager - Customer
  • Allow/Prevent Customers Using Checks: Config - Customer
  • Assign Cash: Manager > Cash
  • Authorize Customer To Use Checks: Manager - Customer
  • Auto Clockout vs Auto Logout: Config - Employees
  • Auto Select On Customer Lookup: Config > Customers
  • Break/Lunch Configurations: Config > Employee > Timeclock & Payroll
  • Cash Management Configuration: Config > Tax/Tender/Cash
  • Cash Overview: Manager - Cash/Credit
  • Changing Your Default Screen: Config > General
  • Customer Star Rating: Config > Customers
  • Customer Setup Overview: Config > Customers
  • Credit Cards: Manager - Credit Cards
  • Customer Details Overview: Manager - Customer
  • Customer Overview: Manager - Customer
  • Define Customer Groups: Config > Customers
  • Define Required Fields For Customer Profile: Config > Customers
  • Delete A Message: Config > Messages
  • Deposit: Manager - Cash
  • Disable Popups Requiring Customer Info: Config > Order Types
  • Edit A Message: Config > Messages
  • End Of Day Deposit Alerts: Manager > Employees
  • Gift Card Configurations: Config > Tax/Tender/Cash
  • How Do I Edit A Deposit?: Manager - Cash
  • How To Create Custom Tender Types: Config > Tax/Tender/Cash
  • How To Merge Customer Accounts: Manage > Customers
  • How To Pair Your Dejavoo Device For Mercury: Config - Tax/Tender/Cash
  • How To Update Your Dejavoo Device: Support / Hardware
  • In House Orders - Drive Thru: Config > Order Types
  • Installing Your Router - Video 1: Support/Hardware
  • Installing Your Switch - Video 2: Support/Hardware
  • Installing CallerId - Video 3: Support/Hardware
  • Make An Offer A Smart Coupon: Config > Special Pricing
  • Make Signature On Credit Cards NOT Required: Config > Tax/Tender/Cash
  • Manage Overtime Settings: Config > Employee > Timeclock & Payroll
  • Paid In/Out Report: Manager > Reports
  • Reconcile: Manager - Cash
  • Reports - Deposit: Reports - Cash
  • Reports - Gift Cards: Reports - Sales
  • Requirement Expiration Alerts: Manager Home Screen
  • Reserve A Table
  • Restroom
  • Settle A Ticket Via The Table Screen: Table Service
  • Setup Over/Short Reasons: Config - Tax/Tender/Cash
  • Store Summary - Understanding Cash Management: Reports - Store Summary
  • Table Design: Add / Edit A Room
  • Table Design, Add / Edit Tables, Walls, Items
  • Table Service Status And Alerts
  • Tax Summary: Manager > Reports
  • Tender Configuration: Config > Tax/Tender/Cash
  • TImeclock & Payroll Overview: Config > Employee > Timeclock & Payroll
  • Track Driver Mileage Using Ask Driver: Config - Employees
  • Transfer A Ticket Via The Table Screen: Table Service
  • Transfer: Manger - Cash
  • Transfers Report: Manager > Reports
  • User Defined Fields: Config > Customer
  • Why Did My Employee Not Get Paid?: Config - Employees
  • Why Do Fees Show With No Order Type?: Config - Tax/Tender/Cash

Thr!ve POS Issues:

  • 1084: Addressed an issue where if an item was ordered and it qualified for two different fixed offers, it would reduce the price twice instead of once. This has been resolved, and the lowest of the discounts will apply.
  • 1083: Fixed an issue with auto discounts being removed from one item, if a different item was ordered.
  • 1120: Corrected the priority of multiple coupons applying on one order. If a special offer is applied; and a % discount is applied on top of it, it will take the percentage off of the already discounted price.  
  • 1439: Addressed an issue where discounts were not being applied to an order multiple times if an item was ordered in quantity. For example, if a pizza was ordered x3 at the same time and a discount was applied x3, it was only applying once.
  • 1283: When selecting a caller ID line, if multiple customers matched that phone #, Thr!ve automatically picked the newest record. This has been changed to allow you to pick the record you want.
  • 221: In some cases, a delivery fee was displaying on the virtual ticket when the order type Delivery was not selected.  
  • 1294: Specific department emails were being sent to everyone instead of the only the group chosen.
Gift Cards:
  • 1454: Addressed an issue where making a balance inquiry on a gift card was not always working properly.
  • 1455: Some users were unable to sell multiple gift cards in one transaction. This issue has been resolved.
  • 1253: Requirement up-charges were not applying when more than 1 of the same item was selected.  
  • 1350: Due to sizing issues on certain text boxes, IPad users were having issues seeing prompt for price texts.
  • 1681: In some cases where pricing is 0.00, when a substitution was made on an item an error would occur.  
  • 1133: If an active menu only had one item that item was not displaying properly on the frontend
  • 1148: Reopening a closed ticket from an online order was in some cases throwing an error.
  • 1345: Resolved an issue where if an order type was changed from Delivery to Pickup; the delivery fee was not being removed from the order.
  • 1385: Recalling a paid; deferred order and applying a discount was not calculating the appropriate refund amount.
  • 1412: When adjusting tips on an order; once finished the user would be taken to the main screen. This process has been improved by leaving the user on the orders screen once they have finished their process.
  • 1421: In some cases, recalling an order to void it was not voiding properly.
  • 1098: When settling a table order, if a user such as a manager settled an order that belonged to someone else, the order would transfer to the person who settled it. This has been resolved to where it will not transfer.
  • 1486: Voided, pre-authorized, and refunded credit cards were not showing as such in the virtual ticket
  • 1140: If the timeclock button was pressed more than once when clocking in, a duplicate time record would be created. Added measures to prevent this from occurring.
  • 1363: Improved the security setting "Modify Tips". If a user does not have this permission; they will not be able to modify an existing tip on an order.
  • 1106: The support button on the home page was not directing users to the support portal. This has been resolved. We have also enhanced this process by keeping the support portal in the same frame as Thr!ve so users can easily get back to the Thr!ve interface when they are finished.

Resolved Issues in Thr!ve Backend:

  • 1266: The customer advanced search screen was not recognizing specific search criteria properly, therefore not returning the expected results.
  • 1163: Users were having issues changing an employee's password using the card swipe feature.
End Of Day:
  • 1436: The End of Day report was mistakenly showing as open tickets that had been cleared but never saved. This has been resolved.
  • 1435: The Operations > Server Ticket Report: The Server Close Report hyperlink was not properly loading when a user click to view it.  
  • 1448: Resolved issues with the tax summary report "Total taxable sales" vs. "Taxable sales" 

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