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Table Design: Add / Edit A Room

Are you ready to design a virtual layout of your dining room?! Taking the time to design the layout of your room will help streamline your table service workflow. In this article we are going to start by adding a new room.

Add A Room:

To add a room, click on the Table Service icon.

You will be met with a blank screen. To add a new room you must first enter "Design Mode".
Tip: Proper security is required to be in design mode. This can be found in Config > Security > Menu Items and Coupons level and/or "Full access to all configurations"

Once you are in design mode, the design button will turn orange and the "Add Room" button will appear. Click "Add Room" to get started.

Here is where you will add the room's specifications.

  • Room Name: Enter the name of the room. Example Lunch Room.
  • Available Days: Select which days of the week you want this room to be active.
  • Available Hours: Select which hours of the day you want this room to be active.
  • Default Order Type: Select the default order type. This will be the default every time an order is placed using table service.   Generally this is Table but sometimes Bar or another type.
  • Texture: You can select from a list of textures we have provided for the floor layout.
  • Or Color: If you do not wish to have a textured layout; you can use a flat color.  Pick from the drop down or enter your custom hex color. 
  • Status: Set the status of this room.  You may want to keep it inactive until you are finished designing your entire room. 
Click Apply when you are satisfied. Your room will appear blank with the floor style that you chose.You will also see that your room is listed as a tab on the left side of the screen. If you plan on having  multiple rooms you can toggle between the tabs.

Edit A Room:

If you wish to edit an existing room you can do so by entering into design mode > Click on the tab you wish to edit > Click on Edit Room.

You can make your changes and click "Apply" when you are finished, or if you wish to remove the entire room; you can click on "Remove.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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