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How To Create Custom Tender Types

As our industry grows you are aware that there are many different ways a customer can pay for purchases other than with cash or a credit card. For example, a customer may have purchased a Groupon for your store and wish to pay using this.  Or various 3rd party order services collect payment from the customer and then send it to you periodically.  Track all these payments using your custom tender types..

To add custom tender types, navigate to Manager Home > Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Tender.

At the right side of the screen you'll see your first 2 custom tender types.  You can activate these by changing the name and clicking "Valid".  

If you need more than 2 custom tenders, click on the "M
ore Tenders" button  at the bottom of the screen.

This will bring up an add/edit screen that will allow you to add or edit additional tender types. To add a tender type, select "Add New" from the dropdown menu and enter in the criteria of the tender type. Click Save when you are finished.

The new tender type will not display on the main tender screen like the others do, however it will be listed in the dropdown list of the add/edit screen.

If you made this tender type "Valid" it will display in the tender screen on the frontend.

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