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Make An Offer A Smart Coupon

When creating an offer, whether it be a discount,  comp, coupon, or promo, you have the ability to add it as a "Smart Coupon". A Smart Coupon is a feature in the "Options" screen that will show you available offers based off of what has been placed in the virtual ticket. If the order meets specific criteria that was specified on an offer in the Config > Special Offers screen, it will show as an available offer for that order. You can learn more about Creating Coupons here.

To make an offer a smart coupon, navigate to Manager > Config > Special Pricing.

Locate the offer you want to make a smart coupon and click "Edit".

On the edit screen, make sure the box labeled "Show in Smart Coupons" is checked,

Click "Save" when you are done.

Now when an order is placed that meets the criteria of the offer; you can click on the options button and bring up the smart coupons screen.

Your coupon will appear in the smart coupon list.

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