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Creating A Coupon

Coupons are an important tool to help drive traffic, encourage customers to try new things, and cement customer loyalty.   Thr!ve has some powerful features to help you manage coupons.

Watch a video on creating a basic coupon:

To create a coupon navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Special Pricing.

The special pricing screen displays a list of all the current offers in the system and if they're active or not. To create a new one click on the "Add" button.

Once you have clicked "Add" you'll be taken to the general screen where you can start by choosing the offer type.

The Offer Type can be a discount, comp, coupon, or promo. For the most part these all work the same except discount and comps can can be accessed via the discount screen in addition to the menu button, or coupon code and therefore can have security applied.   You may want to separate these for reporting purposes.

Tip: All offer types can be set to auto apply to an order.

Give your coupon a offer and discount name, a brief description, and check the box to make it active.

You can select how this offer is presented by checking the following boxes.

  • Print Special Pricing As A Line Item On A Ticket: Will show the coupon as a deduction from the item price.  If this is unchecked, the coupon will not appear, the item's price will just be reduced.
  • Show in Smart Coupons: Allows this offer to show up as a smart coupon when placing an order. 
  • Don't Report As A Special Offer: Will not show up in reports as a special offer - instead will deduct from gross sales total.
  • Requires Signatures On Receipt: Will require a signature from a manager upon redemption.
  • Not Available Online: Will prevent the coupon from being redeemed for online orders.
The Offer ID field will automatically fill in with a number once you click Save.
Click the "Save" button and then navigate to the "Offer Tracking/Value" screen to add more options to your new coupon.

Offer Tracking/Value:

  • Offer Code: Adding a code allows this coupon to be applied via the "coupon code" feature in the POS, or can be used by a customer online.
  • Offer Corporate or Local:  This field is used in conjunction with the Central Menu Management system. If marked as corporate this coupon can be controlled by the master menu and overwritten by corporate changes. Local makes the coupon available only in the store it was created in; it will not be modified by corporate changes.
  • Offer PLU #: This ID was automatically filled when the coupon was created and saved.  However, you can change it to match your PLU scheme.  This is used to match offers in many online ordering systems and to match to corporate systems.
  • Entire Order or Items: Choose if this coupon will apply to the entire order total amount or a specific item on an order.
  • Physical Coupon Expected: If checked, the customer is expected to hand over a coupon.  These will report on the driver close screen and in the Dr!ve app so that drivers can be accountable for collecting coupons.
The following fields should ONLY be filled out if you are creating a basic coupon that does not have specific item requirements.   For example,  $1 off any item or 10% off your order.   If you are planning to create item restrictions  (such as $1 off a Large Cheese pizza), skip these fields.
  • Dollar or Percentages: Select if this coupon will take off a specific dollar amount, a percentage, or a fixed total price.
  • Default Amount: Enter the amount that coupon is valid for.
  • Allow User To Change Default: If checked this allows an employee to override the default amount of the coupon to a different price.
  • Maximum Amount Allowed: If allowing the default amount to be altered it is a good practice to set a maximum amount that can be allowed.
Save your changes.   If you have a basic offer, you are done -- you just need to add the coupon button to the menu, if you wish.  

If you wish to apply restrictions or specific item requirements, proceed to the "Advanced" screen.

Advanced Screen Part 1 - Restrictions:

  • Valid Date Range: Setting a date range will make the coupon valid for specific dates.
  • Valid Time Of Day: You can set a start and end time of day that the coupon is valid. For example only Valid between the hours of 3pm and 5pm for happy hour.
  • Valid Days Of The Week: You can select which days the coupon is valid.
  • Valid Order Types: You can make the coupon valid for specific order types,
  • Valid Customer Types: Set which customer type can use the coupon.
  • Minimum Purchase Required: You can set a specific amount that must be purchased before the coupon can be valid.  This can be the minimum before the coupon is applied or after the coupon is applied
  • Valid Customer Groups: You can make this coupon valid for just one or all specific customer groups.
  • Not Valid With Other Auto Offers: You can have other coupons set up to auto apply to an order, if you do not want this coupon to be used in conjunction with those auto apply offers select this box.
  • Not Valid With Other Offers: If checked, you can prevent this coupon from being valid with other offers on a specific item, the entire order, or any other specific coupon types.
  • Auto Apply: You can have this coupon automatically apply to the order is certain criteria is met or have the employee manually enter in the coupon.
When you have finished setting up this page; save your changes and click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.

Advanced Part 2 - Requirements:

This page allows you to specify one or more items on the menu that are required before the coupon can apply.

Select the item you wish to tie the coupon to from the list on the left side of the screen.   Note, you can pick a department, category, or specific item.

Depending on what you have selected the item sizes will appear in the drop down and you can select a specific size that has to be chosen in order for the coupon to be valid.   Leave the size blank if you do not want to restrict by size.

Set the size equation that must be met. For example, you can say that the coupon is not valid unless it is equal to a large pizza. Or not valid unless it is greater than a large pizza. If you select "Other" you can click on the "Details" button and set more details such as the coupon is not valid unless the order contains a large pizza with stuffed crust.

Tip: The system assumes your sizes are set up from "small" to "large", in descending order on the size matrix. If this is not the case, use the "Other" pop up to select the specific sizes that are valid.

Quantity:  Next you will set how many items must be added before the coupon is valid.  This is a required field. 

Topping Count: This optional field  lets you set the quantity of toppings required.  Choose "at least X many toppings",  "Exactly this many" or "no more than this many" . For example you must order 1 large stuffed crust pizza with 2 toppings before you can use the coupon.

Once you are satisfied with your setup click the "Add" button and the equation will be added under "Inclusions" and you will be able to add another equation to this coupon.    

When you add a 2nd requirement, it defaults to "AND".   (1 Large Pizza AND Breadsticks").  You can change this to "OR" if you want the coupon valid for  1 Large Hawaiian OR 1 Large Combo, for example. 

You can edit or delete the equations by clicking on it and then clicking "Delete" or "Edit". 

Exclusions are used in 2 ways.

If you've set your coupon for an large pizza, for example, but you don't want it to apply to a specific pizza within that group, select that pizza to exclude.    For example: There is a different special going on for an all meat combo pizza and you do not want the customer to be able to double up on promotions. Click the "Exclusions" button and add the all meat combo to the list.

Exclusions are also often used to specify items that are not part of an overall discount. For example, a 10% Off Your Order Senior Discount may exclude alcohol items. 

When you have finished setting up this page; save your changes and click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the screen.

Advanced Part 3 - Advanced Value:

Here you can further define the value of your coupon - and how it applies to the requirements you've selected. Click on the requirements you have set up on the left.

Ignore the size selection and topping count/limits selection in the upper left.   In this section, just enter the quantity (required)

Then move on to the upper right section to define the offer value.

  • Define Offer Value: This defines how much the coupon is worth and if it's a specific dollar amount or a percentage, or a fixed price.
  • Max Item: You can set a maximum amount that can be taken off on one order.   This is typically used in conjunction with fixed price to control the total amount deducted.
  • Exclude crust/size Upcharge: If checked, will exclude the price of upgrading on a size or crust style.   For instance, set a Large 2 topping to $9.99 fixed, but will still charge the $2.00 Gluten Free crust upcharge.
  • Use A Price For A Different Size: You can set this coupon to use a different specific price for a different size pizza. For example if you want the coupon to apply a medium size pizza price for the size of a large. 
  • Allow X Additional Items At This Price: Allows the customer to add up to X similar items on this order.  So for example,  Buy a large, get a medium for $5, up to 3 additional medium pizzas.
Once you've made these selections, click the ADD button in the middle of the screen.  Your configuration will appear below.  Repeat this process for any additional items that are part of this offer.  

General Value Options

  • Max # of Times To Apply This Offer Per Order: Defines how many times you can apply this coupon can be applied to one order.
  • Maximum Value Of The Offer: Defines the max $ amount that can be discounted on the order total, for all items.
  • Apply to X Priced Valid Item: If multiple items in the order could apply to the coupon, you can set the lowest or highest costing item to be the one that gets the discount.   For example:  Buy a large pizza, get a small pizza free.   Customer purchases a large pizza, a small cheese, and a small Hawaiian.  Which small should they get free?  The lowest priced (cheese) or the highest (Hawaiian)? 
  • Free Delivery Included: If checked, will apply free delivery when coupon is applied.
Press Save to complete this coupon.

Now, consider how this coupon will be applied.  If it is an auto apply offer, or will be used via the coupon code or smart coupons screen or discount screen,  you don't need to do anything further.  If you want to add a button to the menu, click here to learn how.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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