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Changing Your Default Screen

Thr!ve gives you the ability to default any of your stations to a specific screen or menu. For example, if no default is set, you will automatically be on the home screen when you log onto a station.

However if set; when you login; the home screen will be bypassed and it will automatically take the user to the default screen.

To configure your default screen setting, navigate to Manager Home > Config > General > Station Setup.

Select a page from the "Default Screen" dropdown. The page options you have available to you are the following:
  • Home screen
  • Orders page
  • Lookup page (Customer screen)
  • Dispatch
  • Any active menu page

You will need to repeat this process for each station you wish to configure with a default landing page.

Note:  If you are using table layout, and an employee who is eligible to be assigned tickets as a server logs in, the screen will default to the table screen for that employee.  This overrides any default screen assignments.

Be sure to save your changes.

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