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Pay Tips

When tips are added to orders that are cashed out to a register, you may want to pay these tips out to your employees.  You have the option to do that when you close the register, but you can also choose to pay some or all of your tips at any time using the Pay Tips option in the Options screen.   This is useful if an employee needs to leave before the register is closed out.

Note: This feature was added in version 8.0

To get started, navigate to the Options screen by selecting the gear icon at the top of the menu screen, and select Pay Tips

You'll see the Pay Tips screen lists each server/cashier (tips are attributed to the person who originated the order, unless the ticket was transferred) and shows a total of tips owed. 

Select the employee(s) you wish to pay.  Note the total amount to pay.   The system will default to the cash drawer of the current station, but you can change this location if you wish. 

Choose Pay Tips.   The drawer will open and you can remove the proper cash amount.  

If you prefer, you can review and select individual tickets by clicking on the View By Ticket button. 

Follow the same procedure to select one or more tickets to pay out the tips for. 

Pay Tips Button is not active
If the pay tips button is not active on your station, it could be because:
  • The logged in employee does not have the right security level.  The Pay Tips function requires the ability to "Close Register".  See security settings for more information. 
  • The station you are on is not a register station, or is not configured to have a cash location attached.  Go to a register station to pay out the tips. 
  • The station you are on requires the register to be assigned to an employee before it can be accessed.  See "Assign Register" for more information.
  • Your system is not configured to allow tips.  This is set in Configuration > Tender Types
Tips do not appear on this list
If tips you expect to appear are not on this list:
  • Double check that the tip was actually added to the ticket.  See Adjust Tips article. 
  • Once the register is closed, any tips that were in the register are either paid out or retained. Once this choice is made, the tips will no longer appear on this list. 
  • Any tips paid out during a driver or server close will not appear on this list.
  • Any tips owed to an employee in a job type set to "Pay tips on Payroll" will not appear here, but will automatically be included on payroll reports.
Tip Payment Method
Each register is set with a tip payment method in Configuration > Cash Management.  This can be "Pay Tips", "Pay Tips To Server", or "Retain Tips", or if no selection is configured, the user is prompted at register close.  For this screen, however, cash locations with no setting, 'Pay Tips to Server' or "Retain Tips" will pay out to the server.  A cash location with "Pay Tips" will use that setting. The only difference is that "Pay Tips To Server" records the tip amount to the employee timeclock record, which will appear on the payroll report if the employee is not set to declare tips at clock out

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