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Declare Tips At Clock Off

Thr!ve can require that employees declare tips at clock off, so you will have the appropriate records on your payroll reports.

VIDEO:  Declare Tips at Clock off

To declare tips at clock off click on the TimeClock button.

Enter your login ID

Click on the clock out button.

The tip declaration screen will appear.

At the top of the screen you will see the amount of credit tips, a 6.75% average of sales that the employee had, the total amount of sales for the day, and what the equivalent percentage of tips would be. If the employee is a driver, the calculation is based on tickets assigned during their shift. This information is a suggestive tool to help the employee declare the right amount of tips.

Note:  You can set a minimum recommended % in configuration / employee.

The employee can enter their actual total tips. 

When you are done, click "Enter" and the employee will be clocked out.

Managers can see and edit tips that have been declared by going to the Labor - Payroll Details Report, and the Labor - Payroll Report.

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