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Close Register: Improved in v.7.7.0 (with Video)

The Close Register process is designed to help you account for the cash in your register at the end of a shift or at the end of the day.  As of version 7.7.0, we've streamlined this process to make it easier to close and reconcile in one step.

Watch a video about Close Register:


Closing Your Register

To access the Close Register function, navigate to the Menu, and click on the Options icon.

From the options screen, click on "Close Register" 

If any tips have been added to tickets that were closed to the register, you may see the prompt to pay those tips.  Thr!ve has 3 options for tips:   Pay Tips (pays out generally, as to a tip pool),  Pay Tips to Server (attributes tips specifically to the employee who took the order, and reports those tips on their server reports) or Retain Tips (do not pay out the tips). 

Note: For any employee in a job type set to "Pay tips at payroll", the tips are recorded to their payroll record as they are entered, and are not included in the "Tips in Register" prompt.  

TIP:  To avoid mistakes, we recommend that you default your drawer to your preferred setting.  You can do this in Configuration > Tax Tender Cash > Cash Management by selecting the drawer and selecting the preferred Tip Procedure  (read more here). 

Pay the tips, removing the amount from the drawer at this time.   If you don't have enough cash in the drawer to pay the tips, you'll have the option to transfer money out of a different cash location.

In the next step, you'll have the option to count the total remaining cash in the drawer and enter it:

Count all the cash (only cash, not other tenders) in the drawer, including the starting balance, and enter it.  This will close and reconcile the drawer in one step!

If you wish to wait and count later, press the green "Count Later" button.  This will leave the drawer in a closed state, but you'll need to reconcile it later either by coming back to this screen OR from the backend Manager Home Cash area. 

Use the View Report button (with proper security, set in Config > Security > View Register Details) to see details of how much of each tender type is expected in the drawer, and what your sales are for that drawer.

NOTE:  In this process, we're most concerned about counting cash. We'll assume that the rest of the tender types are accounted for, so you don't have to enter an amount for those. You'll have a chance to review and modify these amounts during the End of Day Deposit.  

If you cancel at this point, the register close process is cancelled, however the tips you've paid remain paid out. 

Press ENTER to proceed, and you'll see the transfer prompt, which clearly indicates how much to leave in the drawer for the next starting shift balance, and how much to transfer out.

Tip:  The default starting balance and the default transfer location are both set in the Configuration > Tax Tender Cash > Cash Management area.   Setting a default location will help avoid mistakes.

Next, the system will confirm your close amount and let you know if you were over, right on, or short.

The last screen confirms the register close is complete, and gives you a final chance to view / print the close register report.

Insufficient Starting Balance

Sometimes if you've paid out more cash tips than you've received in cash orders, or transferred cash out of the drawer, you may not have enough cash at register close to fulfill the starting balance requirement. 

When this happens, you'll have the option to transfer some cash from another location, or to start the next shift short of the normal starting balance.

Count Later Option  / Undo Close

When you choose the "Count Later" option at Register Close, you can quickly remove the money from the drawer to count and reconcile in the office later.
A quick prompt will remind you what to leave for the next starting balance.

If you haven't yet reconciled the drawer from Manager Home > Cash > Reconcile, going back to the Close Register Option will give you 2 choices: 

Undo Close:  Will undo the close register, adding the transactions along with any new transactions you've done since. 

Reconcile Now:  Allows you to enter the cash count from here.  This should not include any transactions you've rung in after the close occurred, and should not include the starting balance you left in the drawer earlier -- just the cash you removed from the drawer.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!    

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