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Tender Configuration

The tender screen allows you to determine which tender types you allow on your systems and online.

To manage your tender types, navigate to Manager Home > Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Tender.

The top portion displays each tender type that is normally accepted in an establishment. To allow a specific tender type to be accepted in your store; click the checkbox under each tender type on the "Valid" line.

The 2 blank user defined tender types allow you to create tender types in addition to the standard tenders already listed. These could be used for house comp cards, Groupon, etc.

The 2nd portion of the screen allows you to set guidelines for these tender types.

  • Minimum Amount: Enables you to set a minimum dollar amount that must be tendered in order to use that tender type.Example: If you don't want to run Visa transactions for less than $10.00, enter 10 in the minimum amount field for Visa.
    If you leave the field blank, or enter 0.00, the minimum amount restriction will not apply.
  • Maximum Amount: Enables you to set a maximum dollar amount that can be tendered with that tender type. Example: If you don't want to take checks for greater than $20.00, enter 20 in the maximum amount field for Checks.
    If you leave the field blank, the maximum amount restriction will not apply. 
  • Maximum Change: Enables you to restrict the amount of change that can be given for any tender type.  If you leave the field blank, no restriction will apply.   Credit cards should all have their max change set to 0.00
  • Require Lookup: The Require Lookup field enables you to require that in order to use a certain tender type, the order must be associated with a customer in your database.  This is useful for checks. 
  • Open Drawer: If checked, the cash drawer associated with the station will pop open when orders are tendered. If not checked, the drawer will not pop.
  • Available Online: If checked, allows this tender type to be accepted with online ordering (Thr!ve Online only). 
The third portion of the screen allows the following:

  • Disable Tips: Checking this box will eliminate all "Tips" options from the point-of-sale.
  • Turn Off Default Tender Type Of Cash: Checking this box will turn off the "default" choice of cash on the tender screen, requiring you to select a tender type.
  • Require Gift Certificate # For redemption: For manual Gift Certificates, this will prompt a box to enter the gift certificate number when this tender type is used This field does not apply if you are using "electronic gift cards" integrated through your credit card processor. 

Add Additional Tender Types:

If you need more than 2 custom tender types you can click on the "More Tenders" button at the bottom of the screen.

This will bring up an add/edit screen that will allow you to add or edit additional tender types. To add a tender type, select "Add New" from the dropdown menu and enter in the criteria of the tender type. Click Save when you are finished.

The new tender type will not display on the main tender screen like the others do, however it will be listed in the dropdown list of the add/edit screen.

If you made this tender type "Valid" it will display in the tender screen on the frontend.

Be sure to save your changes when you are finished with this screen.

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