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Security Settings Configuration

The Security set up screen allows you to control who has access to various functions.   You have six different security configurations; each employee is then assigned to one of these six security workgroups.      

POS Functions        

  • Security Groups:    The system provides for six different security workgroups.  You can name them whatever you wish to correspond with your operation. 
  • Force Password Change After --- Days:   Enter the # of days after which you wish to force employee to change their logon ID.   Leave this blank if you do not want log in to expire for this workgroup.   If you are using employee swipe cards, you probably do not want to enter a value in this field.  Employee will be prompted at log on to change their logon id.
  • Max Discount %:  Specify the maximum discount % the employee is authorized to give.   This overrides any default discount amounts that are set up for your special offer.   If a discount is set up for 100% off, but the employee is only authorized for 50% off, they can not apply that discount without an authorizing password.   Note: This applies to discounts and comps accessed via the Discount button, not coupons applied via a menu button.
  • Use Discount Button:   Authorize this employee to use the "discount" button to access the drop down of discounts and comps,    
  • Recall open ticket not assigned to you: Authorize this employee to recall an open ticket which is not assigned to them.
  • Transfer open ticket not assigned to you: Authorize this employee to transfer an open ticket not assigned to them from one employee to another.
  • Access server banking for someone else:  Authorize this employee to access the server banking functions for another employee.
  • Ability to change table number: Authorize this employee to change the table number on an open ticket.
  • Recall closed ticket:  Authorize this employee to recall a closed ticket.
  • Void made items on open ticket:  Authorize this employee to void items on an open ticket.
  • Void items from closed ticket:  Authorize this employee to void items from a closed ticket.
  • Void entire ticket:  Authorize this employee to void an entire ticket (open or closed)
  • Refund closed ticket from prior day:  Authorize this employee to issue a void with a refund on a ticket from a prior day (which can change sales totals from that day).
  • Require reason on voids: Require employee to type in a reason when the void occurs.  This reason will be included on the void report.  Optional:  Use the "Reasons" button to enter pre-set reasons that the employee can choose from.

  • Open cash drawer (no sale):  Authorize this employee to open the cash drawer using the Open Drawer button on the options screen. 
  • Non Tax Sale: Authorize this employee to designate items or the entire order as Non-Tax using the Non Tax Sale button on the options screen.
  • Toggle print setting: Authorize this employee to activate an alternate printer setting.
  • Create paid-in /out: Authorize this employee to create a paid-in or paid-out via the paid-in/out button on the Options screen.
  • Override Register AssignmentsAuthorize this employee to authorize a transaction on a register which is assigned to someone else.
  • Reprint credit card slip: Authorize this employee to reprint a credit card authorization receipt. 
  • Access orders screen: Authorize this employee to access the orders screen to view pending and past tickets. 
  • Combine Ticket: Authorize this employee to combine tickets.
  • Manage Customer Account: Authorize this employee to create accounts, associate customers with accounts, and make manual adjustments to a customer's account balance.  Does not affect ability to charge transactions or record payments on the account. 
  • Adjust Customer Points: Authorize this employee to make manual adjustments to customer point balances. 
  • Redeem points without card: Authorize this employee to apply customer points to a ticket without physically swiping the customer loyalty card. 
  • Credit Offer to Customer: Authorize this employee to credit a customer with a special offer to use at a future date (through the Manage Customer - Apply Offer screen). 
  • Adjust gift card amount: Authorize this employee to make manual adjustments to certain electronic gift card balances (if gift card program allows this function).  Does not affect ability to redeem or sell gift cards. 
  • Defer a saved order: Authorize this employee to defer an open order. 
  • Requisition items for production: Authorize this employee to use the "Production" function in the options screen to set prices to zero and send order to kitchen. 
  • Waste menu items: Authorize this employee to use the Waste function on the Options screen to set prices to zero, while creating an inventory deduction. 
  • Reopen closed ticket: Authorize this employee to reopen a closed ticket (from this business day only) to change the tender type.  
  • Reprint kitchen ticket: Authorize this employee to reprint a kitchen ticket. 
  • Bypass Order Requirements: Authorize this employee to bypass order requirements for minimum items per order / per person. 

Delivery Functions

  • Modify dispatched ticket: Authorize this employee to modify a delivery ticket which has already been dispatched, including adding coupons or discounts
  • Change driver float amount: Authorize this employee to override the default driver float (bank) amount
  • Access driver banking for someone else: Authorize this employee to access driver banking functions for someone other than themselves.
  • Unassign a delivery: Authorize this employee to unassign a delivery (prior or after return)
  • Assign a delivery to someone else: Authorize this employee to assign a delivery to someone other than themselves.  Note, if this is unchecked for any workgroup, all employees will be required to log on before assigning deliveries.
  • Allow Driver Drop: Authorize this employee to perform a driver drop
  • Override Delivery Restrictions: Authorize this employee to override restrictions on delivery due to "Invalid area", "Below the minimum $ amount" and "Invalid Delivery Time". 
  • Alter Promise Time: Authorize this employee to alter the default promise time for all orders from the dispatch screen.
  • Edit Calculated Mileage:  Authorize this employee to edit the calculated mileage for a delivery. 

Manager's Functions

  • Exit the POSAuthorize this employee to exit the POS system
  • Generate instant message: Authorize this employee to generate a new instant message
  • Access Manager's home pageAuthorize this employee to access the Manger's Home Page.
  • Add / Edit employee record: Authorize this employee to add or edit any employee record
  • View Wage Data: Authorize this employee to view other employee wage information.  If not authorized, this will restrict access to the following:   
  • Payroll report
  • Labor Sales report
  • Employee Schedules function
  • Employee Schedule Report
  • On the Clock Report
  • Wage information on existing employee records
  • View Social Security: # Authorize this employee to view the social security # on employee records and payroll report. 
  • View Employee Passwords: Authorize this employee to view other employee passwords.  If not authorized, passwords will appear as *** in the employee record and on the Active Employee Report.  If authorized, the employee will be able to see passwords for any employee who has the same or lower security rights. 
  • Make Inventory Adjustments: Authorize this employee to access the "Adjust" feature of Inventory  
  • Inventory Price Changes: Authorizes this employee to make price changes when entering a purchase order or invoice. 
  • Change Physical Inventory Posting: Authorize this employee to Edit a previously posted physical inventory adjustment 
  • Override Schedule Restrictions: Authorize this employee to override the restriction on employees clocking on who are not scheduled to work. 
  • Register Drop: Authorize this employee to use the Register Drop function on the options screen. 
  • Close Register: Authorize this employee to close the register from the POS Options screen  
  • View Register Details:  Authorize this employee to click the "View Report" option from Close Register.  (Otherwise, it will be a blind close)
  • Update softwareAuthorize this employee to access the "Automatic Update" Alert which will run software updates when available.  
  • Bypass Age Verification: Authorize this employee to bypass any required item age verification 
  • Approve time off requests: Authorize this employee to approve employee time off requests 
  • Run Reports: Authorize this employee to run specified reports - click on the "Reports" button to control individual reports. 

  • Edit Job Type: Authorize this employee to edit the job type names  
  • Edit Bank Deposit: Authorize this employee to edit a prior bank deposit. 
  • Process Credit Cards w/o a ticket:  Authorize this employee to process credit cards from the batch screen, if this feature is activated in Configuration > Credit.   (This is not available with all processors)
  • Override EOD Deposit with incomplete EOD process:  Authorize this employee to post a deposit even if End of Day procedures are not complete, such as register reconcile, driver and server close.

System Configuration Functions

For systems on Version 8.0 or above, the functions shown here with a red star are visible only after entering an administrative password.  See more below.

  • Full access to all configuration optionsAuthorize this employee to have access to ALL configuration functions
  • Menu items and coupons: Authorize this employee to have access to the following configuration functions:  Items, Menus, Special Offers, Messages
  • Edit Corporate Item: Authorize this employee to edit items which are marked as "corporate" and thus centrally managed.  Click on "Configure" to choose which components of items can be edited.

  • Manage station hardware: Authorize this employee to have access to the Station Device configuration function
  • Training Mode: Authorize this employee to enter/exit training mode 
  • Remote Station Authorization: Authorize this employee to access the system remotely from an unrecognized IP address.   Optionally, you can create an additional Password to be entered at this time. 

  • Access credit card config screen: Access to the credit card configuration screen.
  • Access to PSO Assignable Approved Sites:   Authorize this employee to access external websites configured in your "Approved Sites" link on the main POS screen.  Contact support for assistance in configuring these sites.
Accessing restricted settings
In version 8.0 and higher, some settings are restricted for PCI compliance.   To access and change these settings, press the "Authenticate" button at the bottom of the screen: 

Enter your administrative password (must be an owner level security employee).  The restricted settings will appear.

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