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Menu Screen Overview

The menu screen is where orders are placed or altered. To navigate to the menu screen click on "Menu on the home page.

This will take you to the menu screen. The menu is customizable so it could look different for each client. To learn how to customize your menu you can read the articles in Configuration - Menu. However there are some things that will remain the same.

  • The home icon will take you back to the main page.
  • Clicking on Your Name will allow you to sign out.
  • The Message Balloon will let you enter an Instant Message to display on all stations.
  • The Gear icon (which you will only see when on the menu) takes you to the Options Screen
  • The Customer icon brings you to Customer Lookup
  • The Notepad icon brings you to the Orders screen
  • The Knife & Fork Icon brings you to the Menu Screen
  • The Table icon brings you to the Table Screen
  • The Car icon brings you to the Delivery Dispatch screen
  • The Question Mark icon brings up the Help system. 

The left side of the screen displays tabs that can contain your menu items. One tab can be for pizza, one for sandwiches, desserts, etc.

All menus are customizable in the Manager-Configuration screen so placement of items on the tabs and menu can vary per company.

The middle of the screen displays all the menu items for the tab selected. Although menu items will vary, the round cream buttons at the bottom of the screen will always be for sizes and round green buttons will be for quick tender keys.

The right side of the screen displays orders as they're built. Each colored button also gives you access to order functions. 

  • The "Pending" box will display the ticket # once a ticket is saved.
  • Clicking "Order Type" will bring up a window to choose what type of order is being placed.   Your order types may vary based on what is active for your location. 

  • Clicking "Customer" will take you to the customer look up screen, allowing you to select a customer to attach to this order.
At the bottom of the ticket area you may see a "MORE" button, this allows you to expand and see the Message, Discount, Reprint and Subtotal functions.    Click "LESS" to hide these and give yourself more room to see ticket items.   

  • Clicking "Message" brings up a window with predefined messages to add to this order such as "No Mayo". Or a custom message can be added. These messages can be set up in Configuration-Messages.

  • The "Discounts" button brings up a window that allows you to apply discounts to an order. Discount are set up in configuration-Special Pricing.   This screen will display all that are designated as "Discount" or "Comp". 

  • The Subtotal button (if enabled) gives you the option to group items into subtotals. 
  • The Reprint button allows you to reprint the ticket and will give you choices about which tickets you want to print.

  • The "Next" button moves to the next item on the order.  
  • "Clear" enables you to clear out a specific item from the order or the entire order.
  • "Finish" completes the order. If the order type was not previously selected it will take you to that option after clicking "Finish". If an order type was already selected it will take you to the tender screen to pay out the order.

Tip:  Click on the "Total" line on any ticket to bring up the Full Review screen, which gives you detailed information about the order.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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