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Full Review

Full Review gives you the ability to view a ticket's history, or perform functions on a ticket including emailing the receipt and reopening a closed or settled ticket.

To access the full review screen:
  • Recall a ticket, click on the Options icon and click Full Review.
  • OR, click on the "Total" line in the virtual ticket
  • OR, from the Orders screen, click on the total hyperlink
  • OR, from the Dispatch screen, click on the ticket # hyperlink

The ticket's full review will appear.
The top portion of the screen displays the items on the ticket, the quantity, tax, and total of the items ordered.

Notice the "Ticket Summary" at the bottom left, which gives you a count of the # of items in each department.

The bottom portion offers a much more extensive look at the ticket. Important information such as what time the order was placed, the customer's name, the promise time, who the driver is, what time it was assigned to the driver, close details, void details, etc. is displayed here.

In the middle are function buttons.

The Reopen button (available on closed or settled tickets) will enable you to reopen the ticket, deleting all tender information. 
The Reopen History button will display if the ticket has been reopened, by whom, and when.

You can also email the receipt to the customer by clicking on the Email Receipt button. If the customer's email address is already in the system it will email and notify you that the email has been sent. If their email address is not in their profile, then it will ask for their email address and then send the receipt.

If reviewing from the order or dispatch screen, the "Load Receipt" will fully recall the ticket into the virtual ticket area. 

Tickets which have been modified show some important information  (available in v.7.7.0 and higher): 

  • Any item which is edited after initial save (such as changing size, adding or subtracting modifiers) will show who edited and when.
  • Any item which has been added after initial save will show who added and when 
  • If the order type is changed after initial save, it wll also show what the original order  type was, who changed it and when.
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