Version 7.5.x

Thr!ve 7.5.0

New Features:

Subtotal feature

The subtotal feature is a convenient way to organize large orders, whether for delivery or in house.  This feature can be activated on the Config / Store screen.  When active, use the "Subtotal" button below the virtual ticket (click "more" to view it) to organize your ticket.  Order some items, click subtotal, enter a name.  Order more items, click subtotal, enter a name.  Delivery fees are split among the groups.   You'll see an icon (3 dots) below each item's price.  Click this to move the item to a new subtotal.   The ability to move items is an upgrade over our legacy functionality it FireFly!     When it comes time to pay, you can click the "Subtotal" button on the tender screen to select one or more subtotals to pay for.   All subtotals must get paid out at the same time, but this allows you to manage multiple credit cards easily, and edit an order later, adding or subtracting from the correct credit card.    Subtotal printing options (in printer ticket) have been restored for Thr!ve users as well.  

More / Less virtual ticket button

Because the subtotal feature added a new button to the virtual ticket, we've implemented a "More / Less" option.  Clicking the "More" button lets users toggle less frequently used functions such as subtotal, discount and message.   Clicking the "Less" option hides these buttons for more virtual ticket space.  

Multiple Pricing Scheme

We've restored the backend options to use Alternate Pricing and set a default for the store and per station.  To avoid confusion, we've hidden the "Alternate Pricing" button when the feature is not activated.  This feature is useful for changing prices and activating them at a future date, or for multi-store pricing management.   We have not restored this feature on a per-order basis yet (from options screen).

Combine Ticket

To combine a ticket, recall your first ticket.  From Options, click on combine ticket. You can select suggested tickets (which are open tickets for today, same order type group) or search on ticket # or table #.   If using table layout, you can click on a table with an open ticket to combine it.   Combine information is shown on the full review screen.

Delivery Return & Pay

Use the Return & Pay feature to keep drivers accountable after each run.  Upon return, they'll be prompted for the money they owe (less tips & fees) to close right to a register.  No need to close a driver's shift at the end of the night - the accounting is up to date with every return.
Read the Return & Pay Article / Watch Video

Finger Print Log On Refactor

We've reworked the integration with Digital Persona Fingerprint readers for employee log on.  

Out of Stock Items

We've added support to the Thr!ve point-of-sale for Out-of-Stock items.  To mark an item as Out-of-Stock, use the Manager Home Alert widget.   When an item is Out-of-Stock, it will appear with a red X in the POS.   Thr!ve will not allow ordering of any items which use inclusions that are out-of-stock, and will inactive out-of-stock items in requirements pop ups.   Out-of-Stock data does not yet send to Thr!ve online.
Read the Out of Stock Article / Watch Video

Refund Prior Business Day security

We've added a security setting to allow refunds on prior business day transactions.

Inventory Category Target %

We've added an option in inventory to set a target usage % of sales per ingredient category (such as meat, cheese, paper, etc.).  This is done from the "Manage Categories" button on the ingredient screen.  Ideally, the total of all category usage will equate to your target food cost %.  A new report, Inventory Category Target Usage, will show your actual usage (including deductions and adjustments) vs. your target, as a % of sales.

Add an optional % employer cost to all labor reports

We've added a new field in Configuration / Employees / Timeclock Payroll to specify a extra % that will be added to labor cost. This could include the extra cost of payroll tax and benefits.  This will appear in a separate column on the labor sales report and will be added to labor cost in the Store Summary, Manager Home reports, Employee scheduling function

New Print Option: Sort items as ordered

We've added a new option in Configuration / Printer / Ticket for the Body of the ticket, Item area.  Now you can choose sort order "As Entered" or "Item Sort Order" (that's the order items appear on the item set up screen).  This can be set for customer receipts and/or production tickets.
Read the Printer Sort Options article

Tip Shortfall on Payroll Report

The law allows paying servers & drivers less than minimum wage as long as their tips make up the difference between minimum wage. This feature will report any shortfall on the Payroll Report and Manager Home Sales Report.  Read More  (v.7.5.1)

Excluding Job Types from Labor Cost

Select job types that will be excluded from your labor sales or labor productivity calculations. Useful for trainee roles, for example.  Read More  (v.7.5.8)

Net vs. Gross Sales used in labor calculations.  

In the past, labor % and productivity was always calculated on net sales (after all discounts).  This option lets you use gross sales to calculate these figures.   This is configured in Special Pricing > Adv Options.  You can choose to use gross or net for labor sales.   If you are using "gross" instead of the normal "net" it will be indicated on the Manager Home Sales Report, Store Summary Labor Report, Labor Sales report and Trend Report.  Read More  (v.7.5.8)

Catering Sales Reporting

Looking for an easy way to report catering sales?  Some create a custom order type but that can be confusing as catering sales can be pick up or delivery.  We've added a line to the Manager Home Sale Report and the Store Summary Sales by Order Type section for Catering vs. Non Catering sales.   A Catering order is classified as such if it has any item with the item name containing "Cater". The entire order will count as a catering order.  Read More (v.7.5.8)

Thr!ve Ticket Stream:

We've added components to Thr!ve to enable the system to submit data about orders, timeclock events, paid in / out, end of day deposit to Ticket Stream, our cloud-based future reporting platform.  Ticket Stream will also offer an API for 3rd party integrations.  While this solution is still in development, basic communications components are now in place.


[TPOS-565] - Coupons set as "not valid with other offers" - these settings have been activated in Thr!ve.  Coupons which are not restricted in their use with other offers will take precedence over those that are; otherwise coupons are prioritized based on their sort order in the coupon set up screen.

[TPOS-660] - The Verify Age feature has been added to Thr!ve.  Set an item to require age verification and when ordering, a pop up will require the age to be entered.  This requirement can be bypassed with proper security.  The age will be recorded on the ticket)  

[TPOS-1129] - The dispatch screen has been modified to allow full review from the ticket # hyperlink.  From full review, the ticket can be recalled.

[TPOS-1636] - The "Disable Tips" setting (In Configuration / Cash / Tender) has been activated for Thr!ve.  When checked, all mention of tips will be hidden in the frontend POS.

[TPOS-1895] - The "display tax tax / show included tax" settings (In Configuration / Tax) have been activated for Thr!ve.  This is used in conjunction with "Tax included in price" settings to display the included tax amount.

[TPOS-1730] - We've added a display of the current time on the main screen / header

[TPOS-125] - The Options screen had been modified to remove features that are not yet available (Thr!ve)

[TPOS-1127] - We've enhanced the ordering process so that if a topping is selected, then a base item such as a specialty pizza, the topping will be added to that pizza order.

[TPOS-1149] - We've improved the orders screen so that functions, such as adjusting tip, will not reset your search criteria.

[TPOS-1256] - We've changed the wording on the register close screen for starting cash, for clarity

[TPOS-798] - We've reorganized the Full Review screen and added elements.

[TPOS-1561] - On the tender screen, we've made the Total Due red, for increased visibility.

[TPOS-1563] - We've changed the email notification after order submission from an OK to an alert that goes away automatically

[TPOS-658] - When a customer is identified, credit screen will more reliably default address & zip

[TPOS-1088] - Enforce security on changing a table #.  

[TPOS-1909] - Added a "Loading" warning on the Smart Coupons button.

[TPOS-890] - Improved workflow when pressing finish and completing a manager override for delivery area, to prevent having to press finish again.

[TPOS-1952] - Improved virtual ticket area to allow subtotal, tax and general message queues to scroll, giving more visible area.

[TPOS-1742] - Improved gift card sale error messaging.

[TPOS-1982] - Improved the Change Due box, enlarging the font for visibility.

[TPOS-1558] - Changed the split ticket functionality to not duplicate Misc. Charge on each ticket.

[TPOS-142] - Hide the fraction buttons on the virtual ticket for items that are not valid for fractions.

[TPOS-1983] - Improved the cancel process on register close to ensure that tips are not retained.

[TPOS-1165] - Added ability to remove a misc. charge.

[TPOS-1779] - Added the ability to reprint an account pay slip.

[TPOS-2046] - Revised process so that $0.00 orders don't close automatically. (7.5.5)

Corrections - Thr!ve Frontend

[TPOS-155] - Discount override is now recording in the "Auth By" field for reporting purposes.
[TPOS-1292] - Voids are now recording the 'Auth By' field for reporting purposes.  
[TPOS-927] - Void Settled Delivery order shouldn't affect the cash location balances.
[TPOS-1269] - Clock in events in Thr!ve are now properly recording to the "Labor Schedule Actual" report.
[TPOS-1794] - Resolved issues where in some cases, frontend timeclock records don't match Payroll Details
[TPOS-1530] - When employees clock In before open, Thr!ve is now recording the proper business date.
[TPOS-1458] - Gift card sale is leaving records in batch_id 0 (open) after batch close.  This was resolved.
[TPOS-1676] - When ordering x2 of an included item on a fraction, it was not always pricing correctly. This was resolved.
[TPOS-1744] - Resolved issues with the table screen defaulting even when not logged in as a server
[TPOS-1846] - Resolved issues with continuing to type a phone # while loyalty prompt is active
[TPOS-1903] - Made some performance improvements related to rapidly selecting many modifiers
[TPOS-1913] - Resolved an issue where printing items which have been split was not printing the correct split price.
[TPOS-968] - Improved the orders screen filter by server name to exclude online orders.
[TPOS-1808] - Improved error messaging when trying to process a credit card which is not an active tender type.
[TPOS-1151] - Improved formatting on the prompt-for-price dialog
[TPOS-466] - Improved time-based coupon logic so that recalled, saved orders will not change previously applied coupons (i.e. happy hour fix, items ordered during happy hour will not lose their discount if ticket remains open after happy hour)
[TPOS-1947] - Resolved issues with a coupon that applies value to quantity of items (i.e. value defined as 2 @ 100% off)
[TPOS-1753] - Resolved issues with large numbers of split tickets scrolling properly
[TPOS-1441] - Fixed issue with fractions allowing 1 more part than configured.
[TPOS-1032] - Added correct data for server and station close ID when table orders are "Settled to cash" using the shortcut at close shift.
[TPOS-628] - Resolved an issue with default size on a menu button applying to all instances of that button.
[TPOS-1558] - Altered split ticket functionality to maintain Misc. Charge on main ticket.
[TPOS-1291] - Fixed issues with e-mail when sent by a person who is not logged into the station.
[TPOS-1934] - Fixed a problem clearing the ticket after selecting Settle / Cancel.
[TPOS-1884] - Fixed an issue where logon screen did not allow more than 6 characters when entering with the keypad.
[TPOS-1953] - Improved scrolling on driver mileage edit screen.
[TPOS-1930] - Improved Manager Override screen for clear and backspace keys
[TPOS-1474] - Corrected an issue where voiding a ticket left remnants of offer totals in the database
[TPOS-1949] - Correct an issue where a coupon can apply double to 1 item if a 2nd valid item is discounted to $0.00
[TPOS-1749] - Correct an issue where adding double of an inclusion on a fraction is not priced properly.
[TPOS-1281] - Fixed an issue with driver drop on hand amount overstating by tip amount.
[TPOS-1950] - Improved display of coupons on full review screen
[TPOS-1936] - Improved issue with editing requirements, to remove related nested requirements.
[TPOS-1870] - Fixed an issue with editing offers on deferred orders.
[TPOS-2005] - Can not settle a table order with a swiped card on a non-register station.
TPOS-2086 - Station with single valid order type + default order type returns error (v.7.5.1)
TPOS-2070 Use the average price of the fractions causes "no" not to print, ticket to lose proper format (v.7.5.1)
[TPOS-2114] - Cash drawer mysteriously retains tips for some orders due to issuing driver banks (v.7.5.3)
[TPOS-2116] - Fixed issues when a store has a single valid order type (v.7.5.3)
[TPOS-2120] - Fixed issue with Delivery fee uses customer main address rather than the alternate (v.7.5.4)
[TPOS-2122] - Fixed issue with Split Tickets Reappearing on KPS (v.7.5.5)
[TPOS-2103] - Map from customer screen shows demo only due to internet functions disabled (v.7.5.6)
[TPOS-2149] - Fixed issues with Split Tickets printing a new production ticket for new ticket created (v.7.5.6)
[TPOS-2151] - Fixed issues with combined tickets reprinting items to kitchen (v.7.5.6)

Corrections (FireFly & Thr!ve Backend)

[TPOS-1760] - Enhanced the "Not Available Online" item option to have a category override to avoid problems with category save changing item settings.
[TPOS-571] - Delete and hit tab was giving 'NaN' in the Amount to Deposit text fields.
[TPOS-807] - Physical inventory filter window was not showing the filters selected
[TPOS-1093] - Fixed an issue with Edit Schedule is giving blank schedule window
[TPOS-1562] - If delivery is not an option for the store, the Driver Payroll report will be hidden.
[TPOS-1426] - Linking to an employee record from the schedule area could bypass security to view employee data. This has been resolved.
[TPOS-1556] - In some cases, ? was appearing at the bottom of the driver close report printout
[TPOS-1568] - Issues with adding inventory count using Chrome browser were resolved
[TPOS-1574] - In some cases, Pressing POST from daily schedule sets screen to 1969. This was resolved.
[TPOS-1893] - Fixed issues with the menu button color palette in Chrome
[TPOS-1986] - Fixed issue with email receipt not properly formatting "hidden" offers, added date and change due information.
[TPOS-1886] - Improved issues with report printing showing web page components.
[TPOS-1868] - Removed weather functionality (deprecated)
[TPOS-2034] - Solved issue with Tax Summary report not including taxable delivery fees.
[TPOS-2032] - Solved issue with Gift Card Sales sold without a ticket not always reporting correctly on Store Summary.

Version 7.5.7 Release

  • Fixed issues with local report printing using station 1 printer rather than defined printer (v.7.5.7)
  • Resolved issue with deferred orders which are forced live reporting the wrong business day  (v 7.5.7)
  • Resolved issue that can occasionally cause the table service screen to become unresponsive. (v 7.5.7)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the "Please Select A Size / Style" error dialog to require pressing multiple times. (v 7.5.7)
  •  Improved Timeclock Break dialog to close window after selection, and to better prevent duplicate break records   (v 7.5.7)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Server Transfer windows to erroneously show ticket #32, no matter what ticket is transferred   (v 7.5.7) Fixed an issue that could cause Historical tax reports are not accurate for some sites after upgrading to 7.5  (v.7.5.7)
  • Added refunds to the settled credit card batch printed report (v.7.5.7)
  • Solved issues with Manager Home performance if online backup status can not be reached.  (v.7.5.7)

Version 7.5.8 Release

  • Improved Cayan branded gift cards swiping
  • Improved error handling when swiping on the menu screen
  • Fixed printing issues when selling a gift card
  • Improved the Auth BY function on special price detail report
  • Restored Addresson CC receipts 
  • Improved credit receipt printing for Non-integrated GC receipts
  • Fixed issues with Manager Override on Schedule Restriction, and Schedule not always matching up to time record on proper day
  • Added ability to add Misc Charge to Saved Orders
  • Fixed issues with Invalid Sizes
  • Fixed issues with Applying coupon in quantity not working on individual items
  • Improved Full Review tax / price issues
  • Table Service Screen javanullpointer error resolved.
  • Improved Create New Time Record from Payroll Details in Chrome  browser
  • Fixed Choose register dialog scrolling issue in Linux kiosk mode.
  • Fixed Saving category print settings input error when using print on separate tickets option 

Version 7.5.9 Release

  • Improved error messaging when Redeeming a gift card fails if Duplicate Transaction is returned on the balance check or other messages like Account Not Found.
  • Improved "No more than" topping count coupon restrictions in Thrive
  • Restructured Printer Setup / Categories to avoid issues with deleting printer setting.  
  • Revamped Manager Home New Content button so it won't get pushed off screen by the online backup status
  • Resolved issue with Track 2 Only Gift Cards (Mercury) in Thrive
  • Resovled issue Coupon Not Valid With setting removes coupon when other valid items are on the ticket
  • Fixed file permission issue for Labor Productivity Chart
  • Improved Gift Cards void process when using cancel or pay later on tender screen with Thrive
  • Fixed issue with Mercury Encrypted Gift Cards  / Encrypted reader
  • Fixed No Such Element error from TOL on topping substitutions (2 toppings 1 priced 1 not)
  • Fixed issue with Today's sales hyperlink on mgr home sales report widget
  • Improved ADP export options
  • Added Print each item on separate ticket setting to CMM (Central Menu Management)

Version 7.5.10 Release

  • Changed system to allow editing quantity on a saved item with proper security.
  • Add confirmation dialog to last order recall if the order you are reordering is currently open.
  • Resolved issue with adding an ingredient (purchase) not refreshing ingredients list in the background
  • Resolved issues with Inventory Voiding a Purchase Order.
  • Resolved issues with inventory purchase orders & receive.
  • Resolved issues with adding a new vendor while adding an inventory ingredient clears out ingredient screen
  • Resolved issues with declined cards during ticket void process
  • Improved issues to prevent Cayan batch failing for exceeding php maximum execution time.
  • Resolved issue to prevent tip adjustment on CC transactions that have been settled.
  • Resolved issue with  unpaid deferreds reporting on day order is taken with certain configuration
  • Improved open order prompt from customer lookup when selecting from list by double click.
  • Resolved issues with split ticket tender not always closing order at time of payment.

Version 7.5.11 Release

  • Resolved an issue where saving 2nd page of coupon advanced settings deletes max item discount setting.
  • Resolved issue where saving coupons sets default to "Exactly 0 toppings" when multiple inclusions are saved
  • Resolved issue on item ingredient set up where deleting item ingredient causes duplication of other ingredients
  • Resolved issue with Inventory Warning Report showing $0 in value column
  • Improvled saving new ingredient from category inventory configuration to select ingredient after dialog close
  • Improved employee configuration pages to allow apostrophes
  • Resolved Null Pointer Exception BigDecimal.subtract error on certain substitutions (Thr!ve Online orders and POS)
  • Resolved issue where recalling a pick up order after clearing last order recall can lead to duplicate order submission
Version 7.5.12 - No significant changes

Version 7.5.13 Release

  • Changed the way that Thr!ve online orders indicate print status, so that legacy / 3rd party online printing can be used in conjunction with Thr!ve online

Version 7.5.14 Release

  • Refactored Google address validation, geo-coding and mileage calculation to resolve issues with global rate limiting and improve error detection
  • Added a "Reprint totals" button to the settled credit card batch screen
  • Added new Mastercard BIN ranges to support 2-series cards
  • Resolved issue with security setting for "Void prior day order" in Thr!ve preventing all prior day voids.  Now will be based on security check.
  • Resolved issue where updates replaced certain optimizations or customizations that were client specific.
  • Resolved 2 CallerID issues specific to site configuration.

Version 7.5.15 Release

  • Refactored Google Map display to resolve issues with global rate limiting and improve error detection
  • Hid configuration of Deferred Rules (limit # of deferred per time period) for Thr!ve users as this is not an active feature.
  • Changed text of various files to eliminate outdated company / product references.
  • Fixed issue with adding a new printer ticket type,  doesn't add Item Sort Order option
  • Fixed issues with random deadlocks which cause credit card save and order submit issues when using rear display onscreen signature.

Version 7.5.16 - 7.5.18 Release

  • Additional Google Map refactoring

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