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Subtotal Tickets

If you ever take large group delivery orders, Subtotals are a great way to organize your tickets, make it easy for people to pay individually, while retaining one master delivery order.

Watch the video on subtotals:

To activate the Subtotal feature, navigate to Configuration > General > Store Setup and check the box to "Enable Subtotals On Tickets". 

Creating Subtotals:
Start your order.   After ordering items for the first person, click on the "Subtotal" button at the bottom of your ticket.   If you don't see the button, you may need to click the MORE button on the bottom right to expand your options.

Type the customer's name in the Subtotal Name box and click Add.

Now you will see that your ticket shows the subtotal information for Mary.  

Continue to order additional items.  These items will default to a "Shared" group.  However if you press Subtotal again, you can add another name.   OR, you can select an existing subtotal to move the item to.

From this screen you can also edit any existing subtotal names or delete them. 

Tendering Subtotals
When the order is complete, press Finish.   On the tender screen, you can easily tender individual or multiple subtotals.   Click the Subtotals button in the upper left.

Now, you can select one or multiple subtotals to pay for.    Process the payment as normal.  Here you can see I've processed a credit card for James.   The subtotal name is listed below the tender type.  This makes it easy to modify or void the correct card if changes need to be made.

Repeat the process to pay for other subtotals, or just enter the remaining payment amount.
When the full amount of the order is paid for, press PAY to complete the transaction. 

Note:  You must pay for all subtotals at once.  You can not partially tender and order and then pay later or cancel. Those partial tenders will be voided.

Subtotal Printing Options
Thr!ve has some special print options to help you manage subtotal orders.
These are found in Configuration > Printers > Printer Ticket > Other Options

  • Print individual subtotal tickets - will print out an individual ticket for each subtotal, so you can organize bags or boxes.
  • Print "nothing to prepare" tickets - will print a notification ticket for each kitchen printer even if there are no items for that subtotal for that printer.
If you navigate to Configuration > Printers > Printer Ticket, you'll find 2 options related to subtotals.
  • In the "Header / Footer", you can activate the subtotal name to print on the ticket
  • In the "Body" section, you can activate a subtotal summary.
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