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Excluding A Job Type from Labor % and Productivity

If you carefully manage your Labor % or Labor Productivity figures, you may want to occasionally exclude some job types from the calculation.  For example, if you have a number of trainees at your store, you don't want their wages to artificially skew the labor numbers.

In Thr!ve, we call this "Pure" labor.  You can trigger the "Pure" labor calculation by setting up a job type to be excluded from Labor calculations.

Navigate to Manager Home > Configuration >  Employees.  Select a Job Type.

Check the box "Exclude from Labor Calculations". 
Save your changes.

This will exclude this employee from Labor Sales % and Labor Productivity calculations.  You'll still see their wages on the Payroll report. 

When you have a job type configured as excluded, you'll see the "Pure" labor % option in several places: 

Manager Home Sales Report:

Store Summary Report, Labor Section

Labor Sales Report

Trend Report

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