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Combining Tickets

If two parties want to pay together, or if you've split a ticket incorrectly, you may want to combine tickets.   Here's how:

Recall the first (main) ticket that you will be keeping.

From Options, select Combine Ticket

You'll see a list of open tickets for today.   The tickets listed are the same order group (i.e. all phone orders or all in-house orders).  You can also search for a ticket # or table # to find any open or settled ticket that can be combined. 

Select the ticket and press Combine.

Alternatively, you can view the table screen and select a table with an open or settled order.  You'll be prompted with an option to combine the tickets.

Here are some things to know about the combined ticket:
  • All items, messages, offers will be added to the original ticket.
  • The # of people, table #, etc. will be retained by the original ticket.
  • If only one ticket has a customer associated with it, that customer will be retained.  If not (or if both do), the customer information of the original ticket will be retained.
  • If the combined ticket has a credit card authorization, that will be added to the original ticket.
Press Finish on your original ticket to save the combined ticket.  The combined ticket will be marked as closed, and $0.00.   If you "Full Review" the combined ticket, you'll see that it was combined, the ticket # it was combined into, when and by whom. 

If you look at Full Review for your original ticket, you'll see which ticket(s) were combined into it. 

Combining tickets is a secure function, you can control this in Configuration > Security - Combine Tickets.

The Combine Ticket feature was added to Thr!ve in version 7.5.0

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