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Driver Return & Pay

The Driver Return & Pay setting is an option that will require drivers to cash out tickets to the cash drawer after every delivery, rather than waiting till the end of the night. 

Watch the video on this feature:

To activate this setting, navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Delivery, and in the "Driver Management" section, under "Settle Tickets", select "Return and Pay" instead of "Automatically". 

You can take delivery orders as normal, pre-arranging credit cards, and assigning to drivers.
When the driver returns with 1 or more orders assigned, they will be presented with the Return & Pay screen. 

Using the number pad on the screen, update the tips amount for all credit card orders.  Click "Update" in the lower left to see the revised total of what the driver owes. 

If you need to change the tender on any order, click the tender type (i.e. Cash) button.  You'll be able to tender the order to a different tender type. 

Press NEXT to continue.

This screen will show you the amount of cash expected from the driver (after deducting fees and tips).  You can enter an amount collected (exact, or over).  If you enter over the amount, the system will calculate change due to the driver.   Press PAY.

The system will transfer the cash amount to the drawer and close the tickets at this time.

There is no need to close the driver shift.   If you check Driver Status, you'll see a summary of their orders and the amount paid into the register, but the Close Shift button is disabled.  

If you press the Print button on this screen, you'll have the option to print a current or prior shift summary, which will give you all the totals for that driver's shift. 

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