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Create A Deferred Order

A deferred order is an order that is placed in advanced for a future date or time.

Watch the video all about deferred orders -- OR just keep reading!

To create a deferred order navigate to the customer screen and select the customer.  All deferred orders must have a customer associated.

Once you have selected the customer you will be taken to the menu screen where you can build the order. Once the order is complete; select the order type.

After you have selected the order type click on the options button.

Click on Deferred.

A window will appear.

  • Desired Order Date: Select the date and time the customer wants this order to be delivered The order will remain in deferred status until the date chosen has arrived.
  • When To Print: Select the date and time the order should become and open order and print to production.  At this time, any deferred credit card payment will authorize
  • Additional Print Time: You can select an additional print time. This feature is often used to print all deferred orders for the day first thing in the morning for planning purposes.
  • Message:You can include a message or special instructions with the order.
Tip: Adding Additional print times and default printing times are a setting in Manager > Config > Order Types > Delivery: To read more click here.

Once you have placed the order and set up the desired deferred times; click the finish button to complete the order.

For delivery orders, you may "pre-arrange" the order as normal.   If the 
customer pays with a credit card, the card will be considered to be in a deferred authorized state and will not process the card until the order becomes live.

For pick up orders, you may "pre-arrange" credit payments only.  

Cash can not be collected in advance for a deferred order. 

The order will save and appear in the orders screen as deferred.

You can also check the "Deferred Details" and "Deferred Item Sales" reports (Sales category) for information on pending deferred orders.

Tip:  In Printer Ticket > Options there is a feature you can activate that allows you to reprint all deferred orders on demand from the orders screen.  Search for "Deferred" for your date range, and press 'Reprint'. 

NOTE:  Special settings apply to clients who allow pre-payment of deferred orders.  Contact technical support for more information on this option. 

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