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Deferred Item Sales Report

The Deferred Item Sales Report is an essential planning tool to let you know just what items are expected for upcoming orders. If you do a lot of catering orders, this report is for you!

To view the Deferred Item Sales report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Sales > Deferred Item Sales

Select the date range you wish to view and click Generate.   Unlike most reports, for this one you'll likely be generating it for a range in the future.

Once you've generated the report, you'll see the Configure button right next to the Generate button.  This lets you choose what you'll see on the report.

On this screen you can pick which items you want to include on the report, in case you are only worried about certain items that require special preparation or ordering.  Click Save to see the report. 

This report shows you how many items and $ sales are expected for each day, with a breakdown for each deferred time.  This way you can plan for exactly how much you need to prep, when.

Expand the department to see specific items on the order.

If your selected dates take up too much space to see on one screen, use the NEXT button at the bottom to view additional dates.

Alternatively, you can choose to sort this report by Print time.   To do this, click on the Configure button. 

Check the "Sort by Print Time" option and click the Save button.

Now you will see the report is organized by Print time.   So in this example, we see we have 1 sandwich coming at 12:27, and 1 more coming at 12:28.   You can expand the department headings to see individual items. 

Use the buttons at the bottom to Print or Export this report.

Advanced Tip:   You can  create a custom "group" which contains items that span departments. From the "Configure" screen, Click on "Add Group".

Give your group a name, and expand the department listings to pick the specific items you want in the group.  Save your group, and select it on the prior screen.  These are the same group definitions that are used to customize  the Store Summary Sales by Department report!

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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