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Ingredient Tracking Report

The Ingredient Tracking report is a great way to review what has happened to your inventory levels over time.   

To access this report, navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Inventory > Ingredient Tracking.

Select the starting and ending date range and press Generate.

The report will appear:

This report groups your ingredients by Category.    For each ingredient, you'll see
  • Beginning on hand quantity / value -  What you had on hand at the start of the period
  • Receipt - How much you received  (Click here to learn about receiving inventory)
  • Usage - How much you used - deductions that occur when items are ordered (Click here to learn about tying ingredients to items)
  • Adjustment - Any adjustments that were made, including physical counts  (Click here to learn about adjustments)
  • Ending on Hand - The ending inventory for the time period selected.
Any negative values are shown in red.

Tip:  Some ingredients may show a starting or ending on hand value that is negative.  This can occur if you've not recorded all your purchases or transfers in.  The system will keep deducting what it thinks you are using, even if you don't keep adding inventory. 

You can use the buttons at the bottom to print or export your report.

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