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Inventory Adjustments

Periodically, it may be necessary to make an adjustment to inventory. This lets you quickly record waste, spoilage, transfers, and other changes to your on hand quantity.

To make an adjustment, select “Adjust” from the Inventory Main Page.

You'll see the Adjust screen.

  • Select the ingredient from the drop down list.

  • You have two types of adjustment option. Either enter the new “quantity on hand” or enter a + or - adjustment amount. You can enter in any of the units defined for this ingredient.

  • For either type of adjustment, select a reason, and type a note if desired.

  • For negative adjustments, the cost of the adjustment will be recorded using the FIFO method— i.e. the oldest purchase batch will be the first to be deducted. For positive adjustments, the value of the adjustment will be the most recent purchase cost of the ingredient.

Tip: For purchases, it is best to use the “Receive” screen instead of the adjustments screen. This allows you to maintain a purchase record and control the purchase cost. Use the Physical Inventory feature to adjust multiple ingredients at once.

Note: For Transfers to another store, record an adjustment in both locations.

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