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Payroll Report

The Payroll report gathers the information you need to process payroll. It shows all of your workers' shift details for any given time frame and how much their pay should be.

To view the payroll report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Labor > Payroll.

Select the start and end dates you wish to view and click generate.

The results will display below.

Across the columns will display:
  • The employee's name
  • ID number (You can enter this on the employee record to match your payroll ID)
  • The employee's social security number. (This is a secure feature and can be masked for those who don't have rights to see it)
  • Their job type.
  • How many shifts were worked during the time period you ran the report for.
  • How many regular hours the employee worked during the time period you ran the report for.
  • How many overtime hours worked during the time period you ran the report for
  • The total amount of wages for the time you ran the report for.
  • Tips paid to the employee during the shifts you ran the report for.  If employee's job is set to declare tips, this is the tip amount that will report. If not set to declare, any actual tips attributed to that employee will report.      (Italics indicate tips were paid at the time of close shift)
  • Total amount of driver fees for drivers during the shifts worked.  (Italics indicate fees were paid at the time of close shift)
  • Any amount of money paid out during the employees shift.  (This is only for paid out types which are defined to report on payroll, sometimes used for advances for gas or uniforms)
  • The total gross amount for the time period ran.
  • The total amount to pay the employee (This may be the gross minus fees already paid at close shift)

The top portion of the report sums up all the numbers for every employee worked during the time ran the report for. The top row is a sum of all employees put together, the rows below it is a sum by job type.

If an employee has overtime on their shift; they will have 3 lines with their name. The first line, displays the total of the entire shift worked. The second line shows the normal hours, pay, and the total wages for those hours, and the third line will show  the overtime hours, pay, and total wages for those hours. Keep in mind the overtime wage may reflect a weighted average premium if the employee worked more than 1 job type.  Learn more about overtime calculations.

The same format applies if the employee has an override wage or road wage that has taken effect during their shift. For example, if a driver gets paid a specific amount when they are in house and not performing deliveries, but gets paid a different amount while thy are making deliveries. Learn more about driver wages here.  

Anytime an employee has  wage change, you will see a separate line indicating the time worked at that wage.

If an employee is considered salary, their shift information will show, however it will not display how much the total pay should be.

Tip:  If a tipped employee is making below minimum wage, you can configure this report to show any "Shortfall" that occurs if they don't get enough tips to make minimum wage.  Learn More about this feature

You can print and/or export this report to Excel if you need to.

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