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Setting Driver Road Wages

In many states, employers tend to pay drivers two different wages, in house wages and road wages. Because a driver typically makes tips to supplement their income an employer can take advantage of tip credit laws to pay a driver less when they're on the road vs when they're in the store working.

To set up road wages navigate to Manager > Employees > Select an employee > Job & Payroll.

Enter the base wage that the employee will be paid. This wage is what they will be paid when they are logged with a job type other than driver.

Next, select which job types the employee will have. For example, Driver, Server, Cook. Once you have selected the job type, you have the option to enter an "override wage" for this job type only.  If no override wage is entered, their in house wage will be the amount entered above.

For jobs that are eligible to be "drivers", you have the option enter the "road wage".  This is the wage that will be used for the portion of their shift that is dispatched.

Make sure you save your changes.

You will see the driver payroll information broken out between their normal wage and road wage like this: 

This also appears on the Driver Payroll Report:

You can edit the amount of time that was spent "on the road" by editing the employee time record from Payroll Details.  (Learn more about that here

Just change the "Dispatch Hours" field.

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