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Item Sales Report

The Item Sales report is a powerful tool to help you track your item sales. This is particularly useful to analyze your product mix and learn what's selling. 

To view the Item Sales report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Sales > Item Sales.

Select the date range you wish to view and click Generate.

The results will display below.

The summary line at the top of the report lists a total of the following.

  • Item amount of items sold
  • Total gross amount of items sold (before any item specific discounts)
  • Total net amount of items sold (after any item specific discounts)
  • TIP:  Click on the "$ Sales (Net)" Hyperlink for an option to allocate entire order offers proportionally to the items on the order as well.   So if you ordered Sandwich A for $5.00, and Sandwich B for $10.00, and applied a $3.00 off your order coupon, the net sales of Sandwich A will be $4.00 and B will be $8.00 on this report.
  • % of of total sales for this item
  • % of sales within the department for this item
  • If you use our inventory system, the total amount of food cost
  • If you use our inventory system , Total amount of gross profit
  • If you use our inventory system, the total amount of food cost percentage
Each column breaks down these totals by departments.

To get an even further breakdown of item sales, you can click on the + next to the department name. If your department has sizes, a summary by size will display.  

If you have a department that requires size & style, such as pizza crust, you'll see all combination totals right below the department:

Below the sizes you will see the categories within the department and if you click to expand them you will see individual items.

In some cases, you may see topping or modifier items that are listed twice, like Pepperoni is on this report:

The listing for Pepperoni that has a sales $ value attached to it indicates that 1 pizza was ordered where Pepperoni was the base item -- so just the topping was selected.   

The listing for Pepperoni with no sales $ value indicates that we had 4 sales where pepperoni was included, added as a topping, or chosen as a requirement on another item.   We give a count here, but this count does not add to the total for the category, as it is not representative of a distinct separate item. 

Tip:  For more analysis on what toppings are added to pizzas and in what combination, check out the Menu Item Performance report! 

Requirement choices may not show up on this report.  If you want to see them here, be sure to configure them to appear.    Navigate to Configuration > Items >  Edit an Item > Inclusions & Requirements > Select the requirement from the bottom left box and Edit.   Check the box that says "Display as topping item on item sales report.  Learn More about setting up Requirements

You can print or export this report if you need to.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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