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Creating a New Requirement

When a item is ordered you can have a pop up box appear with an option that must be selected before the order can be completed.

In this example we will create a requirement for dipping sauces for wings.
Configuration > Items > Appetizers > Buffalo Wings > Edit

You will be taken to the item edit screen > Click Inclusions & Requirements on the sub-navigation menu.

Under the Requirements Setup list click Add

You will be taken to the requirements edit screen.

Requirement Name: Name the requirement

Tip:  The name will appear in the POS as "Please Select 1 Required Item from <Name>"

The top left of the requirements screen shows your items, the bottom left shows messages. You can create a requirement using either, but if the requirement choice has an impact on price or inventory, its best to use items.  If you don't see the item or message on these lists, you must create it first.

Creating Items     Creating Messages

In this example we're going to create from available items. Navigate to select a category and related items > Select the item choices > use the double arrows to move to the right side of the screen.

Include No Option: Check this box if you want the system to automatically create a requirement choice for "No <Requirement Name>".
          Example: If you are setting up Salad Dressing, you may want an option for No Dressing.

Required Choices: You can set how many choices must be selected.   
Example: For sauces or side dishes, you may require multiple selections.

Tip: Set the Required Choices to 0 to allow unlimited selections.  The user will just have to press OK when they are done. You can use this in conjunction with the Up-charge based on # of selections.

Up-charge Based On Item Selection: Set an optional up-charge based on which item is selected.
         Example: If ranch costs $.20 more than other sauces, select ranch on the right side >  Click on Item selection > A box will appear to add a price > Add the price and click OK. It will now display the up-charge price next to the option. 

Up-charge Based on # of Selections:  Set an optional up-charge based on how many items are selected.  
         Example: Allow unlimited dipping sauces, but charge for any above 2. Select # of selections > Enter the $ amount to charge after the first X are free.

Click Save & Close to return to the Inclusions and Requirements screen. Your new requirement option will be available to add as a requirement.

Repeat these steps for all items such as specialty sandwiches, pizzas, dinner plates.

This completes the setup of everything you need in order to start creating a menu.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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