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Menu Item Performance Report

The Menu Item Performance Report is a great way to analyze what items are selling - and what aren't.  Unlike the Item Sales Report, which only lists items that sold, this report lets you dive into a particular menu category and see the performance of ALL your items. 

In addition, this report is very useful to see how items are being modified.  You can tell what toppings customers are adding to their pizzas, or what BYO combinations customers are making.  This may help guide you into new combinations. 

To view the Menu Item Performance report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Sales > Menu Item Performance

Select the date range you wish to view and click Generate.

The Menu Item Performance Report outline will appear.  To keep things simple, we don't display every item all at once. You can choose which items you want to analyze from the outline at the left.

Click on a department + sign to expand and then click on a category name to generate results for that category. 

You can use the red X in the corner to hide a category when you are done, or just select another category and it generate below.

The report gives you a count of items sold for each size, as well as a total count and the net sales of the item.

You can expand on any item to see how it was modified.  In the example below, you can see I had one order of the "Ranch Burger" with added Green Peppers.

If you allow "BYO" pizza combinations, you can get details of these by clicking on your Toppings Category (or your BYO item, if you have one)

Here you can see exactly what toppings were ordered for each combination. 

You can print or export the report using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!  

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