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Set Promise Times for an Individual Order (version 8.1+)

Whenever you place an order for delivery, pick up or to go, the order receives a "promise time" based on your overall system promise times, either the default time for that day part or the times you have set.

However, you can also modify these times for an individual order.  This is particularly useful when a customer calls at 5:00 and says they want to pick up the order at 6:30.  You could do a deferred order, but it might be easier to just set the promise time out to 6:30 for this order.

Note:  The order will still print in the kitchen immediately.  You must train your kitchen staff to be aware of these times on the ticket and prioritize so that the food is made at the right time.  If this is difficult for your kitchen staff, use a deferred order instead.    Need help getting promise time to print on the ticket?  Read this article.

To modify the promise time on a ticket, start by taking the order. Once you select an order type, the standard promise time will appear at the top of the ticket.

Click on the Promise Time line to edit it.

Use the slider or the + and - buttons to select the time the customer wants the order.   The minimum time is the standard promise time.  The maximum would be closing time.    Press Save to select the modified promise time.

From this screen, you can also select Defer to access the Deferred order function instead.

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