Pay Tips On Payroll / Electronically

As cash becomes an increasingly rare payment method, you may wish to avoid the hassle of running low on cash and instead pay tips (and fees) electronically or on payroll.    This feature is available in Version 8.0.55+

To prevent tips & fees from being paid out at shift close, navigate to Configuration> Employee. Select the job type you wish to configure. Check the box for "Pay tips on Payroll" and, if you are paying driver fees, you can also check the box for those to be on payroll as well.


The amount to pay will be listed on the Payroll report. However this doesn't mean you have to wait until payroll to pay them out. We've partnered with KickFin who can electronically pay those tips & fees to your employees daily.  

Tip:  Turn off the "Declare tips at clock off" when using the Pay Tips on Payroll setting, as the system calculated tips will take precedence on the payroll report.

Register Close with Tips on Payroll:

When doing a register close, you normally get a prompt, based on your register settings, to Pay Tips, Pay Tips to Server, or Retain Tips.    However,any tips that are set to "pay on payroll' they will not be included in this total, but will automatically be recorded to the employee's payroll record when they are entered.  Likewise, these tips will not appear on the Options > Pay Tips screen.

Payroll Report:

Tips are listed on the payroll report.  Italics indicate the tips were paid at close shift and should not be paid on payroll.  Normal font indicates the tips are to be paid out separately or on payroll.

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