Bar Tabs

Use bar tabs to authorize a card in advance of finalizing a ticket.

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Bar tabs are available only with the "bar" order type.  Learn More about activating and choosing options for the bar tabs.

To Initiate A Tab
After you have rung up initial items on the order, you'll see the Tender screen has a TAB button.  Press this to initiate the tab.

Here you can swipe the credit card or enter it manually:

Press Save Tab.

Upon recall, you will see that the ticket indicates that it has a tab saved:

Depending on your bar tab setting, you will see an authorization in your credit batch for $1.00 or the minimum authorization amount.

Closing Out A Tab

When you are ready to close out the tab, recall the ticket and press Finish.
On the tender screen you will see the full amount of the ticket which can be tendered to the TAB credit card, just press PAY.    

Pressing Pay Later on this screen will submit order changes without impacting the tab.

If your tab setting is for $1 authorization, this will void the $1.00 auth and authorize the card for the full amount, as seen in the credit batch here.

If your tab setting is for a minimum increment of $25, the transaction will be modified.  So while it may have originally been authorized for $25.00:

Now it will be changed to the proper amount: 

Note: If the final ticket is higher than the original authorization, the transaction will post-auth for the higher amount. This will downgrade the transaction with your processor, as there is a risk that the higher amount will not authorize.  To be completely risk free, clear the tab to void the initial auth, obtain the card again, and authorize the full amount.

Modifying Tab Amounts
If you wish to clear the tab, from the Tender screen, you can click the X in the upper right of the green tab amount to clear it.    OR, press the tab button

From here you can Clear the tab to void the authorization. You will no longer have the card on file.  The Close Tab button will finalize the transaction to that card. 

If you wish to split the payment between the tab and another card or payment method, it's easy to do on this screen.

You'll see the initial tender screen has the full amount on the tab:

Just enter an amount that you wish to pay with a different tender type.  Here I entered $20.00 cash.  The tab amount is automatically adjusted.

Press Pay to finalize the order.

Note: The bar tab feature was added to Thr!ve in version 7.6.0

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