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In House Orders - Bar

The Orders Configuration function allows you to specify details for each order type, including how you would like to identify customers,  delivery requirements and fees, driver and server management, etc.

To set your preferences for the bar orders navigate to Configuration > Order Types > Bar

Select Yes or No from the drop down for the following options.

  • Prompt for customer name: Controls whether the customer name (first and last) is required when an order is placed for this order type.
  • Prompt for tent number: Controls whether a tent number is required when an order is placed for this order type.
  • Prompt for table number: Controls whether a table number is required when an order is placed for this order type.
  • Prompt for customer lookup: Controls whether complete customer look up is required when an order is placed for this order type.
    Tip: Use this feature if you want all orders to be associated with customers in your database for marketing purposes. 
  • Allow save of open tickets: Controls whether the "pay later" option is available on the tender screen for this order type. If set to "no" the user must tender the ticket immediately. 
  • Show in server details: Controls whether open bar orders are included in the server details / server close shift process.
  • Allow tabs: Activates the credit card tab feature which allows you to store the credit card on file until the ticket is ready to close.
    Tip: This is a bar only feature. 

For bar tabs, you have 2 options on how cards will be authorized:
  • $1 pre-auth and void:   This option will authorize the card for $1 when the tab is created. This verifies that the card is valid and obtains a token from the processor, so the card # is not stored on your system.  When the tab is closed out, the $1.00 auth is voided and a new authorization for the full amount is processed.  This will result in 2 authorization charges from your processor.
  • Pre-auth amount $25 or higher:  With this option, you can set a pre-auth amount, starting at $25 and moving up in increments from there.  Choose an amount on the high side of your average ticket size.   THe initial pre-auth amount will be either the minimum set here, or the next highest increment above what the initial transaction is rung up as.   For example, if you set this to $25 but the initial ticket is for $40, the authorization will be for $50.   This method will help ensure that the card is valid and has an available balance close to what might be charged.   When the tab is closed out, the pre-authorization will be modified to post-auth for the actual amount, whether it is higher or lower.  If the actual amount is higher, this downgrades the transaction and adds risk that the customer does not have the full amount on their card (since it was not authorized) however it avoids the expense of 2 transactions.  If the ticket ends up substantially higher than the initial authorization, you may wish to clear the tab and then authorize the card again for the full amount.
Note: Bar tabs were added in Thr!ve version 7.6.0

Save your changes.

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