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Station Device Overview

The Station Device screen allows you to configure how you want your station to function.

To configure your station device, navigate to Manager > Config > General > Station Device.

Start by selecting the device you wish to edit.

Cash Drawer Set Up

The upper left section of the screen allows you to configure a cash drawer.  If the station is a register station, it should either have a cash drawer attached, or be set to use an "Other" drawer attached to another station.

To attach a cash drawer, check the "Cash Drawer" box.  
From the "Select Drawer" drop down, click Add New to configure a new drawer. If a drawer was previously configured, it may still be in this drop down and can be selected.

Select Cash Drawer:  Select the type of drawer.
Drawer label:  Enter a label for the drawer
Drawer Port:  Select the proper port based on how your drawer is connected
Default:   Should be checked
Require Assignment:  Check if you wish to require the drawer to be assigned to a cashier.  Learn more here about register assign.

If you do not have a drawer attached to the station, you can select "Other Drawer" to associate this station's transactions with a different cash drawer. Ringing an order on this station will cause that drawer to open. 

Use the TEST button to test your drawer connection. The drawer should open. 

Network Payment Device Set up
This section is not used for most systems.

Pole Display Set Up
In the upper right, you can configure a customer pole display if you are using one.  Check the box to activate the display. 

Enter a pole name
Enter messages to scroll on the upper and lower line, and check the scroll box if you wish them to scroll.
Press Initialize to test the display. 

Other Device Settings

Onscreen Signature:  Check this to require a customer signature for credit card orders.  You can flip your cashier screen to the customer to obtain the signature, or if the station has a rear display (iPad Mini) paired, the signature screen will appear there. 

Biometric Finger Print Reader:  Check this to use fingerprint readers for log on to the station. 

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