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Email Receipt And Order Confirmations

Thr!ve can automatically send an email to a customer at order confirmation, and/or a dispatch notification when their order is assigned to a driver.   Because the system prompts the user to enter an e-mail address, this is a great way to collect e-mails from your customers. 

To activate this feature, navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Customers > Customer Setup.

Send Order Confirmation Options:
You can set what type of email you want to send to the customer.

  • Receipt At Order: This will send the customer an order confirmation receipt when the order is placed.
  • Summary At Dispatch: If the order is a delivery order, this setting will send the customer a emailed notification once the order is out for delivery.
  • Both: This will send the customer both a receipt and a summary of the order.
  • None: Will not send an email at all.

E-mail Configuration: 

E-mail Sent From Name:  Enter the name of your restaurant.   As of version 7.7.0 All e-mails will be sent from the central Thr!ve sever, with an address of the name you enter here - ""  If you don't enter a name here, it will use your store name.   If you are on an ealier version, you'll need to set up your e-mail account.  Learn How.

E-mail Receipt Message:  Type in a promotional message for the bottom of your e-mail.  NOTE:  All e-mails will also include "Thank you for ordering from <Location Name>" so use this area to promote your website, loyalty program, online ordering, ask for reviews, or just share your slogan.

Be sure to always save your changes.

E-Mail Confirmation in the POS

When an order is placed with a customer record attached, if this feature is activated, an e-mail will automatically be sent if the customer e-mail is present. If not,
you'll be prompted at the end of the order to enter the e-mail.  Saving the e-mail here will add it to that customer's record for future use.

Here is a sample of what the order confirmation e-mail looks like.  The subject line is "Order Confirmation from <Location Name>"

NOTE:  Prior to version 7.7.0, the e-mail format is text only. 

Dispatch Confirmation in the POS

If the option to confirm at dispatch is activated, any customer with an e-mail will automatically get a dispatch confirmation when their order is assigned.
Here is a sample of what that e-mail looks like.  The subject line is "Your Delivery from <Location Name> Is on its way!"

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