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Configuring Your System's Email

Version 7.7.0 and higher

As of version 7.7.0, we've simplified e-mail set up. All e-mail is now sent via the centralized Thr!ve POS server. You do not need to do any configuration to send managerial alert emails.   You may wish to add your logo, "From name" and a custom e-mail message to include on customer receipts.  Learn more about that configuration.

Prior Versions

Prior to version 7.7.0, you must use a personal e-mail account to send e-mails from.   You can set it up by navigating to Manager Home > Configuration  > General > Store Setup.

Any email sent from this POS will be dictated by these settings.

Click on Email Configuration.

  • Mailer: The email account carrier. (Example: Gmail)
  • Authentication: Does the email require server authentication before it can be delivered?
  • Mail From: The system you're mailing from.
  • From Name: The name of the sender. This will appear on the email header. (Example: Happy Pizza)
  • Server: The account carrier's server that the email is being sent from.
  • Port: The port in which the email is sent from.
  • Username:  The username of the email account.
  • Password: The password of the email account.
Be sure to always save your changes.

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