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Using the External SalesBuilder Loyalty Program (v 7.7.0 and lower)

If your POS system is integrated with Thr!ve Loyalty (also called SalesBuilder), you have a powerful tool to communicate with and reward customers.   This article will cover everything you need to know about working with loyalty customers.   To learn more about configuring your loyalty program within the POS, read this article.    To learn more about using SalesBuilder to e-mail, text message and reward your customers, check out the loyalty help center.

Enrolling Customers in the Loyalty Program

You have two ways to enroll a customer in the loyalty program -- from Customer Lookup or from the Tender Screen.

Tender Screen Enroll
To enroll a customer from the tender screen, take an order as normal and select finish.
Before you complete payment on the order, touch the "Loyalty" button on the tender screen.

The loyalty search screen will appear:

You can enter any field or combination of fields to enroll the customer.  If you use loyalty cards, put your cursor in the loyalty ID field and swipe the card you wish to issue the customer.  Otherwise, enter the customer's email or mobile phone #.  Press Search.

If the customer is not yet enrolled, you'll see "No Results Found".  Click "Enroll" to enroll the customer in the loyalty program and give them points for this order.

If you do see results, the customer may already be enrolled. You can select the customer from the results list to give them points for this order.

Enroll From Customer Lookup
When ordering for delivery or pickup, you probably start your order with the Customer Lookup screen.    If you are using Caller ID, any loyalty customers will be identified when calling:

If you do a customer lookup, the results will highlight any existing loyalty customers in green.

If you select a customer, you may see a confirmation that this customer is identified as a current loyalty customer:

This may occur even if the customer was not highlighted in green, because as you select the customer, the system will check to see if they have recently enrolled in loyalty online or via another store.   The system will look for a matching email or phone # in the loyalty system. If it finds it, this customer will now be connected to that loyalty record.

If no existing loyalty match is found, you'll have the opportunity to enroll:

Enter the customer's email, and if you are using loyalty cards and wish to issue a card, enter or swipe the card #.   Click Enroll.
You may see the "Mobile Enroll" button (if configured).  If you prefer to use the mobile # to enroll for text message rewards, click 'Mobile Enroll'
Follow the prompt to confirm if the phone # on file for that customer is a mobile #:

Click YES to enroll with this #,  NO to enter a different phone #, or "Email Enroll " to return to the previous screen.
Once you have confirmed the number the customer will receive a confirmation text on their phone.  The customer must reply YES to the text (opt-in) to complete enrollment.  

Note:  If you enter a new customer, you'll be prompted upon save to enroll in loyalty.

Giving Customers Points for Orders

Once a loyalty customer is selected, they will automatically be given points for the order.  This occurs when the order is closed.  So, for dine-in orders that close at the tender screen, it will be immediately.  For delivery orders, it will be sent when the driver closes their shift.  For table orders, it will be sent when the server closes their shift.

Points are issued based on your SalesBuilder configuration on the order total, not including tax or tip (but does include delivery fee).

To confirm that the transaction was sent to SalesBuilder, you can log in to your SalesBuilder account.   Navigate to "Transactions" and choose "Transaction History".  Here you will see recent transactions.

Applying Loyalty Offers

Whenever you select a loyalty customer (either from customer look up or by searching via the loyalty button on the tender screen) Thr!ve will check in to see what offers they have available from the loyalty system.  You'll see this prompt informing you of available offers:

Select the offer you wish to apply, then press the "Apply" button.   You may see more than one offer of the same type, as customers can earn multiple rewards.  

Note: IF you see a "ERROR PLU # Not Found" message, it means you've set up an offer in SalesBuilder but the POS system can't find a match. Be sure the SalesBuilder Offer ID matches to the PLU # in the POS offer settings.  

All the normal offer restrictions will apply.  If you choose to apply an offer, the system will apply it automatically once the appropriate items have been ordered.

Finish your order as normal.  The system will update SalesBuilder when the order is closed, and the offer will be marked "redeemed" so it is no longer available to use.

To confirm that the offer was redeemed, you can log into SalesBuilder and navigate to Transactions > Transaction History.

If you notice numbers in the "Promo" category that indicates an offer was applied with that order.  

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!    

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