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How To Create A Job Type

To create a new job type; navigate to Manager > Configuration > Employees > Employee Configuration.

On the drop down menu for "Job Type Name" click on "Add New"

A new field will appear. Enter in the name of the new job type and click "Create."

The new job type will be added to the drop down menu.

You can now set specific rules and requirements for this job type by selecting it from the drop down menu and then checking the boxes below.

  • Pay Tips on Payroll:  If this job type will be eligible for tips, choose pay on payroll if you will not be paying them out in cash at close-out. Use this setting if you will be using an electronic tip payment service.   Earned tips will be tracked and reported on the payroll report.
  • Assign Tickets as a Server: If you want this new job type to be eligible to be assigned tickets as a server check the box.  This is typically used in a table service / server banking environment. 
  • Declare Tips at Clock off:  If you want the employee to declare their tips, check this box.  Declared tips will show on the payroll report.  Actual tips will show on driver / server reports.  If you do not check this box, any actual recorded tips will appear on the payroll 
  • Print Timeclock Receipt: If you want a receipt printed each time an employee with this job type clocks out check the box.
  • Minimum Tip %:   Provides a recommended minimum tip % based on total sales for tip declaration.  This is recommended but not enforced
  • Exclude from Labor Calculations:   Check this box if you don't want this job type to count in your Labor Sales % or Labor Productivity calculations.  This is typically done for "Training" type jobs.  Learn More.

  • Job Requirements: You can set this particular job type to have a specific requirement such as a food handler license. Anyone with this job type will need to meet this requirement. You can create a new one by clicking on "Add New" in the drop down. Check the box to make this requirement active and set a warning expiration date. 

  • Should Appear on Driver Screen: If checked, when an employee with this job type clocks in they will automatically be added to the active driver list.
  • Eligible to be Activated as Driver: If checked, when an employee with this job type clocks in it will not automatically be added to the active driver list but it will be eligible to be added as a driver.
  • Driver Fee Method: You can default a driver fee method to this job type. For example you can set this type to automatically charge by mileage.
  • Amount: You can default the driver fee amount. For example if charging by mileage you can default .10 per mile.
  • Pay on Payroll: If checked the driver's fee will by default be paid on the driver's payroll instead of daily.
  • Track Mileage: If checked this job type will automatically track driver mileage when assigned as a driver (regardless of whether you pay based on mileage) 
Be sure to save your change. Once you have saved your changes you can start assigning this new job type to employees.

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