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Order A Fractional Pizza

At times, a customer will want to order one pizza but have it customized on different sides of the pizza. This is called a fractional pizza. To order a fractional pizza navigate to the menu screen. 

VIDEO:  Learn how to order a Fractional pizza in Thr!ve POS:

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Select the tab on the left hand side that indicates pizza.
All menus are customizable in the Manager-Configuration screen so placement of items on the tabs and menu can vary per company.

Select the pizza you wish to order. To make it fractional click on the "F" button below the pizza on the order screen.

The system can be set up to allow different types of fractions. You can learn more about setting these options in the Setting Up Fractions article. To change the type of fraction you want, click the "F" button for 1/2, twice for 1/3rd, and three times for 1/4th.


Click on the portion of the pizza you want to edit and it will become highlighted.

When the item you selected is added to the order; you will see the toppings that are included on that item highlight on the menu. The orange side reduces the item and the light green side increases the item.

In this case we will add pineapple to one side of the pizza and remove the mozzarella from the other.
Click on the pineapple or topping you wish to add. It will become highlighted and will show on the portion that it has been added. To add extra click on the green button again.

Click on the other portion of the pizza to remove a topping. Click on the orange side of the topping to remove it from the pizza. It will show in the order "No mozzarella" and the topping will no longer be highlighted in the menu.

Two Different Base Type Pizzas on One Pizza:
In addition to changing the toppings on either side of the pizza, you may also change the base item. For example, if you want an All Meat on the 1st half and Veggie on the 2nd half, just select the 2nd half pizza and touch the Veggie pizza button to change it.

Building Your Own Pizza:
When building your own pizza instead of selecting a pre-designed one, select the crust, size, and toppings you want on the overall pizza. Once you're satisfied with the overall toppings click "F" to make it fractional.

The "A" will indicate the toppings that are placed on "All" the pizza.   Now you can select the 1st part or 2nd part to add toppings to half the pizza.

When you are finished editing the fractions of the pizza you can click next at the bottom of the screen to add more items to the order or finish to complete the order.

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