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Labor Sales Report

Keeping on top of labor costs and how they compare to sales is a key to running a successful restaurant.   The Labor Sales report gives you the detailed info you need.   To view this report navigate to Manager Home > Reports > Labor > Labor Sales

Select a start and end dates that you would like to review and then click Generate. 

The Labor Sales Report will appear:

The top section of the report breaks out your labor costs vs. sales, by hour.  Columns include:
  • Sales $:   Typically net sales (unless you've configured it to use gross, it will say gross sales)  
  • Labor $:  This is total hourly, including overtime
  • Salary $:  Salaried employee costs.  Learn more about options for distributing salary costs across days and hours
  • Employer Costs: You may see this column if you've activated "Additional Employer Labor Costs" in Configuration > Employees > Timeclock Payroll.  This lets you see additional costs for taxes and benefits.
  • Labor %:  Divide Sales by total Labor Cost (including salary and additional employer costs) to get the Labor %.
You may see columns for Labor Productivity.  This calculates the Sales divided by Hours Worked, so that you have an even measure of labor contribution regardless of variations in wage.  This can be configured to appear by checking the box to use Labor Productivity in Configuration > Employees > Timeclock Payroll.

You may see columns for Pure Labor $,  Pure Labor % and Pure Labor Productivity.  This shows you labor data with certain job types excluded.   Learn more about setting this up.   

The hour breakdown starts with your store opening hours and lists 24 hours. 

The bottom section of the report provides more details about labor costs:

This section shows you:
Reg Hours:  Total regular hours worked
OT Hours:  Total Overtime Hours Worked.
DT Hours:  Total DoubleTime Hours Worked (for those who have California Overtime rules activated)
Reg $:  Labor cost for regular hours
OT$:  Labor Cost for overtime hours
DT$: Labor cost for double time hours.

Use the buttons at the bottom of the report to print or export to excel.

NOTE:  At the top of the report you may see an explanation that "Sales numbers exclude delivery charges".

This setting is configured in Configuration > Ordertypes > Delivery.  If you do not exclude delivery charges from sales for labor %, any fees you charge your customers will be included in your sales total.   This is often excluded because those fees are passed on to drivers, and driver fees are not included in this labor cost calculation. 

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