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Item Sales By Interval Report

The Item Sales by Interval report gives you great insight into exactly what is selling when during the day, so you can plan and forecast. 

To view the Item Sales by Interval report, navigate to Manager > Reports > Sales > Item Sales by Interval.

Select the date range you wish to view and click Generate.

This report has customization options, which you will see next:

Enter your time interval.  This can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as several hours.  This is how the report will break up the data.
Enter the starting and ending hours.  You can enter your entire business day, or just a busy period
Select the items you wish to analyze.   You can check all the departments to see all your items, or expand down to individual items if all you really care about are your lunch specials.
Show Summary Data Only - if checked, this will show department level / size data only, not individual items.  We'll look at this result first.
Tip:  Departments are listed in Green to indicate that individual categories or items are selected even though the top level department is not.  Expand this department to see what is selected. 

Click the Select button to generate the report.

Above is an example of a "Summary Data" report which shows totals by 20 minute interval for departments, sizes and styles.   You'll see total sales $ across the top, then a count of each item sold. 

If your time period is split into more intervals than will fit on the page, use the Next button at the bottom of the page to see more results.

Now lets look at an example with more detailed data, by unchecking the "Show Summary Data" box and choosing a specific category to analyze.

Here are the results:

Now you can see we've got item level detail - -we can see we sold 1 Garlic Greek pizza and 1 Ranch Burger pizza.

Also notice that the "Desserts" department is showing - with a 420 Brownie sold - even though I did not select to view that department.  

This is because the brownie was a requirement choice on one of my pizzas.    Each item breaks out the "Base items sold" and the "Base items with requirements".  Requirements items are not added to the department total as they are not unique items sold but are part of another item.   

Requirement choices may not show up on this report.  If you want to see them here, be sure to configure them to appear.    Navigate to Configuration > Items >  Edit an Item > Inclusions & Requirements > Select the requirement from the bottom left box and Edit.   Check the box that says "Display as topping item on item sales report.  Learn More about setting up Requirements


The Item Sales by Interval Report can be printed or exported using the buttons at the bottom. 

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