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Applying Coupons & Discounts (v 8.1)

When it comes to applying a coupon or discount to your order, Thrive has several options based on how the offer is set up.   For instance, you can:
  • Automatically apply if you've met the criteria
  • Apply via a coupon button on any menu
  • Apply using the Smart Coupons screen
  • Apply via a coupon code  
  • Apply a customer-specific offer via the Loyalty / Offers screen
  • Apply via the "Discount" button / screen
Let's walk through some of these options.

Auto Apply Coupons
If an offer is set to auto apply, it will apply as soon as your order meets the criteria.  This may include ordering specific items, an order type, time of day, day of the week, minimum order amount, etc.  Just order your items, and you'll see the offer added to the virtual ticket.

Apply Using A Menu Button

For easy access to your most common offers, add them as buttons on the menu.   You can create a menu tab with all your offers, or put them on the appropriate food tab.  Ring up the items required, then touch the coupon button to apply the offer.  In the example below you can see the "BOGO Medium $5.00" offer is a button at the bottom of the pizza menu.  

Touching the offer button again will remove it from the order.   If you want to apply it multiple times, make sure you've ordered all the required items, then select the offer line on the Virtual ticket.  You can then edit the quantity to apply the offer twice.  This technique can also be used to remove an offer (enter a quantity of 0).

Apply Using Smart Coupons

The Smart Coupon screen will show just those offers that are valid for the order you've rung up, if you've configured those offers to appear here.  To access the Smart Coupons Screen, click on the Options icon in the top bar, then choose  Smart Coupons.    (Note: You can also put a button on your menu to access the Smart Coupon feature quickly).  

Select the coupon you wish to use from the list.

Applying A Coupon via Coupon Code

Coupon codes are a great way to improve security on offers - the customer must present the physical coupon or code in order to apply it.  A coupon code can be added when setting up the coupon.    To apply via code, click on the Options icon in the top bar, then select Coupon.   (Note: You can also put a button on your menu to access the Coupon Code feature quickly).  

Type in the coupon code and press OK. 

Applying A Coupon Specific To A Customer

Customers may have offers available to them, either from the loyalty program or from the "Apply Offer" feature.   To access a customer's available offers, click the Gift icon next to their name, and touch the offer you wish to apply. 

Apply via the Discount screen

Certain offers may be available via the Discount screen, which is accessed using the "D" button below any item or the Discount button at the bottom of the virtual ticket.   This is a good way to limit access to offers, as you can restrict users who have access to this screen.  This also allows you to vary the amount of the offer.  Access via the discount screen is configured in the offer setup. 

Select the Discount from the drop down.  In this case, the Senior Discount is a fixed 10% off, so you can not modify the amount. Just press enter.

In some cases, you may be able to change the default amount.  Use the "CLR" button to clear the amount if you need to change it, then press enter.

Offers which apply to the entire order will show at the bottom of the virtual ticket. 

Remove an offer

To remove an offer, select it on the virtual ticket, and use the Quantity button to enter a quantity of 0.    OR, if there is a coupon button on the menu, touch the button to remove it.

Offer fails to apply

If an offer fails to apply when you attempt to apply it, you may not have all the requirements needed for the offer. The system in most cases will indicate what the problem is, like this: 

You may also see this notification if you change the order after the offer is applied, apply a different offer that conflicts, etc.

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