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Apply a credit offer to a customer (version 8.1+)

If you've ever messed up an order, been late on a delivery, or just had a bad day, you may want to give your loyal customer a credit for a future order.  OR, if you are a clever marketer, you may want to surprise some of your best customers with a free dessert or appetizer on their next order.   Thrive makes it easy to credit an offer to one or more customers.

The advantage of using the credit offer is that it will pop up to be used, but once applied it will no longer be available.  Also, because it is tied to a specific coupons, all the coupon rules and restrictions apply. 

One disadvantage of this method is that these offers are not visible online. The customer can use the offer only via phone or in person order. Consider issuing an offer via Thrive Loyalty if you wish to make it available online.  

To get started, go to the customer search screen and search for your customer (or group of customers).  If you are doing a marketing offer, you may want to use Advanced Search to find customers that meet certain criteria. 

Use the check box to the left of the search results to select the customer(s) you wish to apply the offer to.  (Use the one at the top of the list to check the entire list). 

Click the "Apply Offer" button at the bottom of the screen.

Choose the offer from the drop down list and enter a note.

If you want to choose the $ amount of the offer, be sure to choose an offer that allows a variable amount, such as Order $ off.  
In this case, you can enter the amount for this offer: 

Click Save & Apply offer to complete. 

Next time you look up the customer, you'll see a pop up with the offer information, like this:

Select the offer and choose "Apply Coupons" to apply it to the order.   

OR, later in the ordering process you can access this again by clicking on the customer box at the top of the virtual ticket to go to Customer Details.   Choose the "Offers" section from the middle of the screen.

Select the available offer and use the Clipboard icon to apply it to this order.

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