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I don't have enough cash to pay out tips!

If you take a lot of credit card orders, you may find that you are running low on cash.  If you don't have enough cash coming in, but you are paying out tips & fees to drivers and servers, you may run into this problem.   

Option 1:  Avoid the problem by paying tips out on payroll or electronically  (version 8.0.55 +)

Avoid the hassle of going to the bank to replenish cash.  Rather than paying tips & fees out in cash daily, you can choose to pay on payroll - or work with one of our partners to pay those tips electronically to your employees each day. 

To prevent tips & fees from being paid out at shift close, navigate to Configuration> Employee.  Select the job type you wish to configure.  Check the box for "Pay tips on Payroll" and, if you are paying driver fees, you can also check the box for those to be on payroll as well. 


The amount to pay will be listed on the Payroll report.  However this doesn't mean you have to wait until payroll to pay them out.  We've partnered with KickFin who can electronically pay those tips & fees to your employees daily.  

If you don't want to change your tip payment method, you'll need to replenish cash.  Here's how:

Not Enough Cash In Drawer

If you are closing a drawer, or closing a driver or server shift, you may find that you don't have enough cash in the drawer to pay tips.    This can be rectified either before closing, by transferring cash into the drawer from the safe, or during the close process. 

If you are closing your register and don't have enough cash, you'll get the option to "Start short" on your next starting balance or to transfer cash from a different location, like this: 

If you are closing a driver or server shift and you don't have enough cash, you may need to take money out of the drawer or safe (whatever location your shift closes to) to pay for the tips and fees.  You'll be prompted through this process when needed, like this: 

Not Enough Money in the Safe
Eventually, you may run low on cash in the main safe, and need to replenish in order to maintain the specified safe balance.  You should do this before performing your end of day deposit if you want the main safe balance to be consistent.   

Today I took in $182 in cash but I paid out $282 in tips and fees.  My main safe balance is normally $500, but since I used $100 on tips, it's now only got $400. I've got 2 options: 

1. Complete my end of day deposit, which will be $0 cash deposited, and leave the safe balance at $400.   

2. Increase the safe balance to the normal amount by completing a Paid-In for $100. 

Option 1 may be fine if this is an unusual occurrence and you expect tomorrow you'll have enough cash to bring the total back up.  However, if you are regularly low on cash you are probably physically getting cash from the bank.  When this happens, you should always record the additional cash with a paid-in to the safe. 

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