Paying with an EMV device

EMV devices are a secure way to accept payment and avoid chargebacks.  Thr!ve POS integrates with EMV devices on the Worldpay (formerly Vantiv) Express platform as of version 8.0.   If you are interested in adding EMV to your operation, please contact your account manager.   If you are currently processing with Worldpay, new merchant credentials are required for the EMV platform.

Learn More about setting up your EMV / Merchant Services credentials & terminals. 

Using the EMV device - Card Present transactions

On a terminal that is configured to use an EMV device, ring up your order and press Finish to reach the tender screen.  (Or Settle, for table service orders)

Enter EX or a dollar amount you wish to tender to credit.
Press the Pin Pad button. 

The EMV Device will instruct the customer to insert chip card or swipe a non-chip card. At this point the customer could also tap any NFC payment card or device to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, for instance.

The EMV Device will instruct the customer to enter PIN, if a debit card.

The EMV device will display status as it processes and then approval status. It will then instruct the customer to remove the card. 

If the payment is successful, the POS will show a "Submitting order" status.

If the payment is declined, the POS will show a "Payment Failure" message. 

Using the EMV device - Card Not Present transactions  

If you are taking a phone order on a station with an EMV device attached, you can enter the card # directly in the EMV device.  

Tip:  If you prefer to continue to enter card-not-present transactions directly into the POS terminal, you can turn on the "Allow Bypass of Pin Pad" option in the Pin Pad settings.   The "Credit" button can be used to enter card data on screen.  This will validate AVS and CVV, which is not possible on the EMV device. Requires version 8.0.61 or higher.

After pressing "EX Credit" on the POS, when the device prompts to Insert the Card, you can press the "Enter Card #" button (left top button of the device) 

The EMV device will prompt you to enter the card #, expiration date, billing zip and CVV if required. Use the green enter button after each entry.

Once all data is entered, the device will process the card and let you know of the result.   If successful, Thr!ve will submit the order. 

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