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Close a Driver's Shift (with video)

Closing a driver's shift is an important part of your daily process to ensure that all cash is accounted for. 

A driver is unclosed if they have a starting bank and/or open delivery orders assigned to them, and have not run a close shift.

Before you can close a driver shift you first need to make sure the driver is marked as "Returned" and that any tickets assigned to this driver are settled. You will get a popup notification letting you know if you have not done this.

To Return A Driver:
Highlight the driver by clicking on their name > Select Return at the bottom of the screen.

Tip: It is advisable to press Return immediately upon completing a delivery for proper recording of delivery times.  

In most cases, all tickets will be settled on return - either to a credit card or specified tender type, or automatically to cash.  If for some reason you have returned tickets that have not yet been marked paid, you should recall that ticket, press Finish, and select the tender type that was used. 

Adjusting Tips:
You should enter all tips before closing, to ensure that drivers are paid the tips owed them.   Go to driver status > Click on the ticket you want to adjust.

Enter the tip amount and press SAVE. The ticket will now show the updated tip amount and you can proceed with closing the shift.

Check Mileage:

If you are tracking driver mileage (and especially if you are paying based on mileage) take a moment to look at the Mileage total in the Financial Performance section of Driver Status.  

You can click on "Total Mileage" to adjust any ticket that is incorrect.   Learn more about mileage tracking.

Closing A Shift

Once all tickets show a $0.00 balance and tips are entered  you can "Close Shift".  Press the "Close Shift" button at the bottom of the screen.

TIP:  If you get an error like this that says to settle all tickets before closing,  you most likely have tickets that have not been returned.  Be sure to return the driver before closing the shift.   The other option may be that you have a ticket that has been unsettled after return.   To settle the ticket, recall it from the Orders screen and Finish. Enter the proper tender type. 

The Close Shift screen lets you reconcile your driver shift:

After you click "Close Shift" you will determine how much the driver has vs. how much they owe.   
On the left, each tender type is displayed.
1.  Select a tender type to highlight it yellow.  
2.  Use the keypad to enter the amount of that tender the driver has counted.  
3.  Press OK

Repeat this until all the tender types have been entered and the Close Shift button turns from gray to white.

Check the financial summary to see the total driver fees, tips owed, drops etc. to account for.   If everything looks right, press Close Shift.

This screen will confirm how much money to collect from your driver, how much the driver should keep, and where to transfer the money. Select which drawer you want to transfer the money to. In MOST cases you will want to transfer all end of day cash to the "Main Safe". Select OK

TIP:  You can set a default location for driver transfers in Configuration > Tax Tender Cash > Cash Management.

A final report for this driver's shift will appear.   This will also print to the designated "delivery" printer.

Once you click "Exit" you can move on to the next driver that needs to be closed or move on to reconciling your register.

To learn how to do more functions with drivers and deliveries; check out our Dispatch Screen knowledge base. Also, closing a driver's shift is part of the "End of Day" process. To learn more about End of Day you can read our Manager - End of Day articles. 

Got questions you can't find the answer to here? Let us know so we can improve the help system!   

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